Transforming financial product development for an American telco | HCLTech

Transforming financial product development for an American telco

Ensuring speed and quality through Delivery-as-a-service
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HCLTech ensured speed and quality through a delivery-as-a-service model, which led to a 25% reduction in build-to-launch cycle time

HCLTech assisted a leading US-based telecom company in implementing a transformative delivery-as-a-service (DaaS) model. Our client offers innovative mobile device financing products and services, including customized financing options, credit checks, checking accounts and churn and debt management tools.

Due to the highly regulated nature of financial products, our client needed to quickly prototype, test, scale and meet high standards of quality, compliance and user interface. With HCLTech's support, our client successfully implemented the DaaS model, ensuring their financial product development and operations met the required standards.

The Challenge

Launch financial products and services with speed, quality and scale in a highly regulated environment

With operations encompassing $24 billion in annual sales, 61 million mobile phones and accessories, 4 million credit evaluations daily, 500K new documents created daily and $8 billion in financing receivables at any given time, launching new products with speed, quality, scale and compliance was a formidable task. Our client needed to reevaluate its technology delivery model and find a knowledgeable and efficient partner to meet its ambitious objectives in the critical domain.


The Objective

A new partner-driven technology delivery model to facilitate product excellence

Our client desired a technology partner to devise and implement an innovation-driven execution model. The key focus was on launching financial products and features within specific timelines, exercising effective governance and quality control, proactive engagement in planning and execution, seamless communication and establishing data-driven KPIs and SLAs.

To achieve these objectives, HCLTech introduced our unique DaaS model, which was an improvement over the client's previously utilized outcome-based engagement model. Our aim was to help our client achieve excellence in their financial product delivery, enhancing collaboration and enabling efficient execution.


The Solution

A unique DaaS model

HCLTech took a comprehensive approach to the engagement by managing various aspects of the project. Our team worked closely with the client to define business requirements and initiate the development of micro services. We also took charge of the hiring process, swiftly onboarding talent as needed, and were flexible in adjusting team size to align with business demands.

HCLTech demonstrated our commitment to the partnership by investing in accelerators and offering domain thought leadership. As the collaboration progressed, HCLTech embraced the responsibility of accelerating financial product outcomes, establishing 50 scrum teams that empowered efficient delivery and integrated support operations.

This strategic shift enabled the realization of scalable value and reduced reliance on external resources.

Additionally, HCLTech continuously optimized our team structure to provide the best possible service at a competitive cost, ensuring our client derived long-term cost benefits.

The Impact

Product excellence and transformed operations

HCLTech's innovative and transformative approach combined with future-focused solutions enabled our client to expedite outcomes and achieve remarkable progress.

With the upgraded DaaS model, HCLTech provided end-to-end technology services, ranging from work funnel management to design, development, deployment and maintenance.

Within 16 months, the DaaS model grew from a pilot program to over 50 projects, delivering tangible, sustainable and accelerated outcomes for our client's financial products and services. This transformative innovation allowed our client to prioritize product excellence, improving efficiency and promoting growth.

HCLTech's DaaS model also resulted in several measurable improvements:

  • 25% reduction in build-to-launch cycle time
  • 40% increase in sprint velocity
  • 110% delivered/committed story point ratio
  • 200% improvement in sprint backlog due to proactive feature grooming
  • 100% automation of in-sprint testing
  • Zero defects in production build

Additionally, service operations were optimized with quick and readily available support, facilitating:

  • 98% reduction in revenue write-offs
  • Average MTTR decrease from 5.4 to 3.9 days
  • 50% increase in failover/resiliency testing coverage
  • 30% increase in automated alert dispositions
  • 50% reduction in overall ticket volume