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Transforming HR services for a Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods giant

Discover how centralized HR services transformed operations for a Fortune 500 CPG company, enhancing efficiency and employee satisfaction globally.
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Our client, a Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods giant based in the US, employs over 120,000 people globally. Faced with regional HR process inefficiencies, non-standardized case management systems and operational challenges, they turned to our Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) expertise to revolutionize their human resource services.

The Challenge

Inefficiencies and high costs in diverse HR operations

Our client's HR operations were dispersed and region-specific, leading to process gaps and inefficiencies. The absence of a standardized case management system created confusion, making it difficult to maintain consistency. Employee-facing knowledge articles were not concise or relevant, diminishing their effectiveness. With operations managed by three distinct vendors, local market tasks lacked clear responsibility, escalating operational costs.


The Objective

Crafting a centralized, efficient and region-specific HR service

Our goal was to establish a centralized HR service tailored to the unique needs for various regions, including North America, Latin America, Greater China, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Key objectives included:

  • Streamlining and centralizing HR processes
  • Implementing a standardized case management platform
  • Enhancing the relevance and utility of knowledge articles
  • Establishing ownership for local market tasks
  • Consolidating operations to a single provider, i.e. us

The project scope included various aspects of HR services including Workday / Human Capital Management (HCM), Payroll, Benefits and Compensation, Travel and Expenses and Learning and Development.

Transforming HR services for a Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods giant

The Solution

Consolidated HR services for global efficiency

We launched a centralized HR services desk , integrating operations from four locations into one HCLTech center, custom-tailored to meet region-specific requirements.

Consolidated HR services for global efficiency

Key aspects of the solution included:

  • Initiation of a centralized HR services desk team
  • Consolidation of operations for regional specificity
  • Offering more than 30 languages support across our ten global delivery centers
  • Embracing a "Global Act Local" service philosophy
  • Full automation of reporting and analytics

The Impact

Enhanced HR operations and employee satisfaction

The solution fostered a "POD" structure delivery model with dedicated resources for specific market needs. We unified the client's ITSM solution into a single, effective HRSD/Interaction module. Over 700+ knowledge articles were curated and transformed into easily digestible knowledge bites.

The impact included:

  • Standardized HR and IT CSAT levels within 1.5 years
  • Increased adoption of chat channel for HR services
  • Strengthened employee trust and market connectivity
  • Achieved a CSAT of 90% and First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate of 65%
  • Enhanced end-to-end ownership, level 2 connectivity and proactive project management

This transformation reaffirmed our status as a trusted partner in HRO. Our focused efforts streamlined HR operations, bolstering employee satisfaction and trust, marking a significant achievement in HRO solutions.