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Transforming legacy EHS applications to enable a smooth sustainability journey

Our client is a multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Germany. They specialize in developing medicines, vaccines, biological therapies and animal health products.
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The Challenge

Our client’s legacy applications were tied to the organization's core business processes and were difficult to modify or upgrade, preventing them from executing their EHS objectives. Furthermore, these legacy applications were often inefficient and resource intensive, as they were built on outdated technology.


The Objective

Our client had clear goals:

  • Create a safe and healthy workplace, meet all legal obligations and protect the environment and communities they operate within
  • Improve auditability and regulatory compliance and enable a single source for EHS data for internal reporting
Transforming legacy EHS applications to enable Sustainability Journey

The Solution

Enablon (a cloud-based health and safety management solution that tracks use of natural resources ) was selected as the core Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) platform, and HCLTech helped our client execute their multi-year journey to replace many legacy apps with the Enablon platform.

Platform integration with existing systems

  • Our team managed all modules of the Enablon platform for the client. These included audit, action plans, risk compliance, incident management, metrics, greenhouse gas emissions tracking and reporting and behavior-based safety programs, as well as corporate strategy reporting and mobile safety.
  • We designed, configured and rolled out an action plan function to enable users to manage and generate action plans, track completion, receive alias and generate reports from a centralized interface.
  • We also implemented a custom workflow for validation and approval processes. We configured authentication and authorization using single sign-on (SSO) and integrated SAP HTR with Enablon for user administration

System consolidation and legacy app retirement

  • We provided a platform consolidation service to the client that replaced their audit, compliance and incident management applications
  • This enabled world-class compliance with a custom workflow and configuration engine, expedited reporting, an intuitive interface and a customizable activity dashboard
  • In addition, we also retired the legacy application, which had significant challenges, such as complying with legal requirements regarding information management

Data integration and regulatory reporting

  • Our team enabled the client to set up an organizational structure for collecting, managing and reporting data at a foundational level
  • In addition, we designed, configured and rolled out an audit function to manage audit-associated reporting
  • Compliance with EHS requirements related to Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and data management was ensured for the client
  • We also built customized dashboards and reports for aggregate reporting on divisions, sites and regions and enabled downstream reporting to OSHA and EPA-specific regulations in the US

Mobile app development modernization

  • We developed a mobile app for iPads, iPhones and Android users that provided integration capabilities with the latest cloud platforms implemented in manufacturing facilities across the globe and enabled incident management features, which are widely used across sites
  • Additionally, implementation of Enablon Go (the mobile version of the platform) is currently being planned

The Impact

  • Simplified management of EHS and regulatory compliance with Enablon
  • Platform rollout and integration was enabled for 75,000 users across 300+ global sites, thereby eliminating the challenges of managing multiple legacy EHS systems
  • Training needs were greatly reduced because of the high adoption rate of Enablon