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Transforming supply chain operations with a connected experience

HCLTech enhanced supply chain visibility for an American consumer packaged goods company
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5 min read

Our client, a Fortune 500 American consumer packaged goods holding company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, commands a vast array of products under multiple brand names, widely distributed in supermarkets, restaurants and food service establishments nationwide. To optimize its intricate supply chain spanning manufacturing facilities, distribution centers (DCs) and retail outlets, our client embarked on a journey to bolster operational efficiency and collaboration enterprise wide.

The Challenge

Overcoming operational hurdles

Our client grappled with notable operational inefficiencies and burgeoning costs attributable to:

  • The absence of real-time visibility spanning manufacturing plants, DCs, warehouses and retail outlets
  • Reactive responses to delayed shipments and inventory discrepancies, rather than proactive measures
  • Limited avenues for collaboration with vendors, impeding operational agility and efficiency

The Objective

Achieving real-time visibility and vendor collaboration

In pursuit of a seamless connected experience, our client aimed to integrate all enterprise solutions, fostering real-time visibility and nurturing collaboration with partners. The core objectives included establishing real-time end-to-end visibility, implementing proactive alerting and exception management mechanisms and facilitating robust collaboration with vendors.

Supply chain

The Solution

Empowering supply chain excellence with Blue Yonder

HCLTech spearheaded the implementation of , seamlessly integrating enterprise solutions such as SAP's planning suite, warehouse and transportation solutions. The LCT addressed these challenges by:

  • Providing real-time end-to-end visibility to stakeholders across the supply chain network
  • Enabling proactive alerting and exception management for timely interventions in case of shipment delays or inventory issues
  • Facilitating seamless collaboration with vendors, fostering synergy and efficiency in operations
The Solution

The Impact

Transforming supply chain operations with Blue Yonder LCT

The deployment of Blue Yonder LCT yielded substantial savings and operational efficiencies across manufacturing plants, DCs and warehouses. With improved visibility, proactive management of exceptions and enhanced collaboration with partners, our client witnessed significant enhancements in supply chain performance and overall profitability.

The Impact