Leading U.S. supermarket and grocery chain reimagines shopping experience within-store analytics | HCLTech

Today’s shoppers enjoy an unlimited array of in-store and digital purchasing options. To a­ttract and retain customers and expand the presence of its physical stores, a leading US-based supermarket and grocery chain sought to embrace an omnichannel retail model and reimagine its fulfillment and replenishment systems. The company’s long-term strategic aspiration was firmly footed on investing in innovation and store transformation.

HCLTech’s experience had shown that unifying shopper analytics would give the client greater inventory visibility, faster sales turnarounds and more cost efficiencies. The partnership was to define, design and deploy a future-ready solution that fueled growth. Capturing real-time data across all customer touchpoints drew actionable insights for building a comprehensive in-store strategy that transformed the shopping experience for the client’s customers.