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UD Trucks drives migration with Microsoft Azure HPC

UD Trucks, Japanese manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles operating in 60+ countries, became part of Isuzu Motors recently. The company wanted to design and implement a new Microsoft Azure HPC + AI (HPC) in a month’s time.
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5 min read

The Challenge

The acquisition presents migration challenges

The client had significant challenges migrating IT infrastructure from a past association with Volvo, as they relied on its on-premises data center.

  • Transfer of HPC in less than a year.
  • Ensure service continuity for R&D and ongoing work.
  • Utilization and configuration requirements proved to be a misfit with higher costs and lengthy commitment.

The Objective

Preparing for the next phase of growth:

  • Migrate IT infrastructure from on-premises data center to Azure HPC + AI solution
  • Increase HPC power and flexibility at a lower cost to run more simulations and discover more valuable results
  • Move all systems to the Azure environment for seamless and flexible scaling based on business needs
  • Ensure service continuity for R&D teams' essential and ongoing work
  • Employed Terraform, helm and GitLab Continuous Integration (CI) for streamlined operations and cost reduction
  • Established Infrastructure as Code (IaaC) to minimize production and non-production errors and discrepancies

The Solution

Expert partner

Our cloud journey is now with Azure. We needed the advantages of managed services in Azure, and we needed the implementations done very quickly, with the same latency or better than our on-premises system.”

Kumar Anand,
Global Director for Application Infrastructure
& Cloud Solutions at UD Trucks


HCLTech helped the client set up Azure manage services with considerable advantage vis-à-vis on-premises system.

  • 3-way collaboration- with UD Trucks stating the requirement, Microsoft facilitating information and resources, and HCLTech bringing technical expertise.
  • Enabled Azure support teams to troubleshoot and optimize the setup.
  • HCLTech s expertise and suggestion helped UD Trucks to use industry-leading technologies like Azure HBv3, Azure D4s_v4, BeeOND and Azure CycleCloud.

The Impact

Saving money and improving results with smooth and rapid cloud migration

UD Trucks reaped numerous benefits with Azure set-up. The migration approach was rapid and agile.

  • Reliability and Stability.
  • Incident-free and cost reduction.
  • Azure HPC + AI solution can start new workloads whenever needed by using separate clusters to run the jobs.
  • R&D teams use HPC for testing simulations of component behavior under various road, weather, and vehicle conditions, and Azure HPC + AI provides numerous precise simulations for forecasting engineering designs.

Road Ahead:

UD Trucks designs a new future for its data with HPC.

UD Trucks is keen to provide its customers with advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities. Partnering with logistics service providers, Azure HPC + AI solution provides accurate, preventive diagnostics and helps customers run their businesses without stoppages. UD Trucks are excited that migration to Azure HPC + AI will help to adjust to business requirements and presents a real opportunity for the company.


“We plan to really move ahead with advanced analytics, both predictive and proactive, which is key for our business.”

Chidamber Datta

Head of Digital Solutions, Site India, & Director of Data Strategy at UD Trucks.