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Unified digital network platform transforms customer freight management

HCLTech streamlined freight management for Asia Pacific's largest logistics company
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5 min read

Our client stands as Asia Pacific's largest privately-owned logistics company, boasting a workforce of over 24,000 individuals spread across Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Renowned for their commitment to safety, efficiency and technological prowess, the company specializes in delivering a diverse range of goods, including food, resources and medicine, via its extensive network of warehouses and distribution centers.

The Challenge

Addressing operational hurdles

Despite their prominent position in the logistics industry, our client encountered several operational challenges. Chief among them was the lack of standardization across various business units, hindering smooth onboarding of new customers and vendors. Additionally, training end-users and driving tool adoption posed significant hurdles, leading to decreased efficiency and productivity. Complex rate structures further complicated matters, coupled with a lack of real-time in-transit visibility, resulting in inefficient load planning and increased operational costs.


The Objective

Centralizing freight management with digital network platform initiative

To address these challenges, our client set out to build a digital network platform that would centralize and streamline freight management across all business units, ensuring end-to-end control of orders from initiation to fulfillment.


The Solution

Our approach to freight cost reduction

HCLTech embarked on a comprehensive approach to identify and capitalize on freight cost-saving opportunities through a robust network planning model. Leveraging existing , we identified key product capabilities to align with the client's business needs.

Global templates were developed to expedite the onboarding process for new customers, while end-to-end design solutions were crafted to seamlessly integrate new transportation management capabilities within our client's IT architecture.

Advanced planning solutions, including 3D load building and vehicle availability planning, were also implemented to enhance operational efficiency.


The Impact

Realizing cost savings and efficiency gains

The implementation of these solutions resulted in myriad benefits for our client, including:

  • Achieved freight savings through enhanced network planning and optimized carrier selection
  • Improved change management processes and enhanced end-user training
  • Increased efficiency in rates and fuel maintenance
  • Streamlined customer onboarding processes through global templates and standardized rate structures
  • Enhanced planning capabilities through vehicle optimization and improved resource utilization, driving overall operational efficiency