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Unifying operations across borders: A CRM transformation journey

Revolutionizing customer experience for a global beverage leader
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5 min read

A global beverage giant known for its iconic brands and multinational presence faced the challenge of managing fragmented customer service operations across the United States and Canada. They embarked on a transformative journey with HCLTech to control the escalating operational costs and diluting customer experience consistency. Following a significant rebranding, the aspiration was to be "together as one" through unity and cohesion across its North American operations.

The Challenge

Streamlining fragmented operations

  • Fragmentation across borders: The client operated two separate call centers for the US and Canadian markets, leading to doubled operational expenses and inconsistent customer data management. This bifurcation hindered operational efficiency and delivery of a unified customer experience, which was crucial post-rebranding.
  • Inconsistent Customer Relationship Management (CRM): With disparate CRM systems, the lack of a single source of knowledge for customer interactions intensified the challenges. The client was in dire need of a that could consolidate all consumer cases onto one platform, fostering consistency and accessibility of information.
  • Strategic alignment with rebranding efforts: The rebranding underscored the vision of unity and integrated operations. Aligning the call center operations with this vision was not just an operational necessity, but a strategic imperative to reflect the company’s ethos of integration across the US and Canada.

The Objective

Crafting a unified vision

In pursuit of operational excellence and unified customer service, the client sought to amalgamate its call center operations across the US and Canada into one cohesive unit. They were looking for a partner that holds:

  • Proficiency in delivering comprehensive customer service solutions spanning phone, email, SMS and chat from a single team
  • Experience of implementing a robust CRM system capable of managing North American operations holistically
  • Alignment with the client’s vision of unity, demonstrating the capability to streamline operations in a way that reflects the company's rebranding efforts
The Objective

The Solution

Streamlined efficacy and technological prowess

  • Holistic CRM implementation: After a thorough evaluation, emerged as the superior CRM system due to its distinguished flexibility and comprehensive capabilities. This transition marked a pioneering move for the client, setting a benchmark for CRM excellence within the HCLTech teams.
  • Operational consolidation: Our tailored approach concocted the two call centers into one efficient unit. This newly formed team comprised 15 bilingual agents — 4 proficient in French for the Canadian market and 11 for the US — operating under unified procedures and leveraging Salesforce for all customer interactions. This strategic alignment ensured uniformity in procedures and fluid operations, resonating with the client's vision of a cohesive North American presence.
The Solution

The Impact

A new era of unified operations

  • Operational and financial efficiency: The fusion of call centers under one roof significantly reduced overhead costs and streamlined customer service operations, ensuring uniformity in processes and billing.
  • A singular, harmonized team: By operating as one integrated team, the client eradicated previous barriers of inconsistency and inefficiency between US and Canadian operations. The unified approach fostered a stronger, more cohesive brand image across North America.
  • Alignment with strategic vision: This transformation underscored the client's commitment to unity and efficiency, mirroring the client’s rebranding ethos.