Unleashing the power of integrated solutions for customer lifecycle support in the energy sector | HCLTech

Unleashing the power of integrated solutions for customer lifecycle support in the energy sector

HCLTech helped transform siloed strategies into integrated processes to enhance energy services
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5 min read

A renowned North American retailer of electricity, natural gas and home and business energy-related services was on a quest for substantial business transformation to stay ahead in the dynamic and fast-paced energy industry. By forming a strategic alliance with HCLTech, our client aimed to address its pressing business challenges and achieve remarkable results.

Together, we worked on cohesive solutions, leveraging HCLTech's expertise and industry insight to create a robust framework designed to enhance business operations and ultimately lead to substantial improvements in key performance indicators.

The Challenge

Breaking down silos for a more integrated customer lifecycle support

With a customer base of over four million, our client was keen to replace their siloed strategies with a more integrated and sophisticated framework that could enhance overall customer lifecycle support. The underlying challenge was a deeply ingrained siloed approach inhibiting seamless interoperability between business, applications and infrastructure.

The Objective

Creating a business solution measured and valued on business KPIs

The objective was straightforward yet ambitious: To devise and implement a business solution that not only meets all the above requirements but is also measured and valued based on defined business KPIs. Our client's aim was to:

  • Overcome the silos for enhancing customer lifecycle support, including enrollment, 'Meter-to-cash,' service support, telesales (reactive and outbound) and field sales support
  • Establish and maintain all the essential infrastructure and applications required for effective business process execution
  • Implement an integrated governance model for continuous alignment with their business objectives
  • Foster an environment that encourages continuous improvement and innovation
  • Uphold full compliance with market regulations while ensuring quality delivery and business continuity

The Solution

A collaborative and focused integrated model

In response to the challenge, we immersed ourselves in the development of a fully integrated model that prioritized business outcomes. The crucial steps that led to the HCLTech solution included:

  • Constructing a highly collaborative environment with our client's Center of Excellence (COE) team, consisting of seasoned business leaders to ensure amplified outcomes and invigorated customer experiences
  • Setting up a Risk Management Office to oversee audits and manage controls, ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Creating a co-innovation council, constituting staff dedicated to continuous innovation
  • As a contingency mechanism, deployed an operational model across four independent sites to secure voice and non-voice support for call centers

The Impact

Successfully translating solutions into positive business outcomes

The implementation of HCLTech’s strategic solution yielded significant improvements in business outcomes, as shown by:

  • An impressive track record that saw 100% of bills generated within three days of meter read, reflecting an industry-leading practice
  • A 20% increase in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) utilization rate
  • Achieving a 94% score on the 'Right First Time' (RFT) metric that measures customers not requiring a callback within 30 days
  • Maintaining a superb system availability rate at 99.99% and ensuring 99% of business warehouse data loads and reports were published by 8 AM each day
  • Managing to address 80% of customer calls within the first 30 seconds, hence significantly improving customer service
  • Securing a 100% control certification for key business processes and risks backed by KPI-informed dashboards

This success story stands as a testimony of a successful partnership between HCLTech and our client, transforming siloed systems into seamless, integrated processes. By focusing on fundamental business outcomes and introducing strategic measures, HCLTech was instrumental in transforming our client's business processes and revolutionizing their approach to customer lifecycle support in the energy industry.