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Unlocking performance through platform qualification

A global leader in enterprise servers partners with HCLTech to ensure quality and reliability
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Our client is one of the largest server, storage and data protection companies in the world, specializing in designing hardware and software solutions tailored to meet specific demands of businesses and enterprises. They support mission-critical applications by providing the scalability, reliability and manageability needed for a productive enterprise


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The Challenge

Certifying enterprise servers for market release

Our customer has generations of enterprise servers to qualify, all of which needed certification on more than 18 platforms before releasing to the market. To qualify each platform, around 2,000 tests needed to be executed, encompassing various intricate combinations of hardware, software, operating system, virtualization and manageability. The execution of these tests required highly skilled and experienced engineers with exceptional technical acumen.

The new generation platform (16g) sought validation for new features, hardware and functionality, while the old generation platforms (14g, 15g) required alignment with the latest fixes and patches. They joined forces with HCLTech to revolutionize platform qualification processes. One of the key challenges —but also crucial for success —was meeting fixed release dates for each platform while ensuring customer satisfaction by maintaining the unwavering quality and reliability of these platforms.


The Objective

Comprehensive platform qualification through rigorous process of testing and validation

HCLTech carefully assessed the roadblocks hindering enterprise server releases and devised an efficient solution. With the aid of experienced and technically proficient engineers, we validated the new hardware in the lab and conducted comprehensive testing for their servers, including functionality and stress tests and diagnosing various problems and compatibility issues, while ensuring that the security was uncompromised.


The Solution

Cloud-first, technology-led, managed operations

Our testing methodology adhered to both industry standards and customer benchmarks. We verified the server network’s integrity, system backup, I/O performance, server performance and data integrity by implementing a complete suite of system testing services comprised of hardware characterization, regression testing and load testing. To test the different servers owned by the customer under the enterprise system testing bucket, we provided a wide range of services and support encompassing tests like hardware and firmware compatibility, network and multimedia connectivity, and system-level reliability.

Our approach also involved diagnosing any existing system defects and optimizing system efficiency. By following industry best practices and standards, we ensured the compliance of the client’s servers with the help of custom-built tools and repeated retesting of systems on their hardware and software. Using end-to-end system testing services that were geared toward maximum efficiency and cost saving, we helped them build robust and reliable servers that were ready to enter the market.

The Solution

The Impact

Going the extra mile with complete solution testing

With HCLTech playing a crucial role as the solution and key validation partner, our client successfully introduced more than 18 enterprise servers to the market in 2023. Our team of over 120 skilled engineers provided exceptional services in qualifying platforms for component testing, node testing and enterprise system testing. Additionally, our team of SMEs and PMs provided a significant value-add to the client by efficiently managing technical and QA deliverables while adhering to strict timlenes. We successfully executed an average of almost 2,000 test cases monthly and identified more than 150 bugs in each hardware, totaling 2,500+ bugs across 16 platforms. Futhermore, we ensured the qualification of each platform in 25 different configurations. Our collaborative efforts have paved the way for innovation and excellence in the dynamic landscape of enterprise solutions.

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