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Unveiling new strategies through AI-powered smart analytics

Boost employee engagement and user experiences efficiently with Alteryx
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5 min read

A US-headquartered global pharmaceutical, chemical and life science company offers one of the broadest portfolios in the industry for scientists, best-in-class products for pharmaceutical development and manufacturing and a fully integrated service organization to support CDMO and contract testing across traditional and novel modalities. HCLTech took an end-to-end view of the complexities in the business operations by adopting a robust data governance practice to ensure data consistency, interoperability, consistent quality and 100% compliance. We proposed Alteryx to enhance the UX-CX and achieve our client’s quest to be a data-driven organization.

The Challenge

Manual business processes, data silos and high technical debt

The Life Sciences industry is highly regulated, as companies must comply with several regulations that include the Anti-Kickback Statute, False Claims Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other privacy laws. The client’s technology landscape comprised of 30-40 applications with multiple tools, platforms and cloud services across customer insights, sales and marketing business functions. Ensuring seamless interoperability and integration between these components was a complex undertaking. Further, training their users on the tools, platforms and best practices for data analytics to ensure effective utilization of the environment was a need of the hour.


The Objective

Unlocking the power of intelligent integration and centralized management to maximize business value of data

The customer’s analytic roadmap was to evolve and modernize their existing data validation process, implement a centralized integrated console for data analytic operations and use quick data solutions for self-service data analysis. Our client wanted to better manage their daily tasks and integrate data with third-party reporting tools.


The Solution

enabled unified analytics and enriched business value of data

The choice of technology to solve the client’s challenges and achieve their business objectives was the Alteryx Server suite. Alteryx enables creation of repeatable workflow processes to access, blend and enrich data from a range of sources, perform advanced analytics (such as predictive, spatial and statistical) and quickly produce results that can be easily shared with others. We leveraged these features to provide adaptive data quality features like automatic suggestions that are woven into the core Designer User Experience. The users, across technical and non-technical roles, acquired additional capabilities, such as blending scheduling and orchestration of workflows to automatically deliver outcomes to BI dashboards, enterprise systems, data lakes, RPA systems, Excel documents and more.


The Impact

Efficiency, productivity and enhanced employee engagement to build competitive advantage.

HCLTech and Alteryx collaborated seamlessly to establish a solution that goes beyond traditional rules and enabled the users to adopt new ways to express, update and act upon data quality needs while ensuring the tenets of being assistive, interpretable, actionable and repeatable.

  • Independence of business analysts through a common user interface (UI) for all activities — from data blending and preparation to cleansing and joining and analytics and reporting, you can do it all within one UI.
  • Increase in data accuracy of 100%, leading to a prediction accuracy of at least four times its original rate.
  • Prior to Alteryx, data lifecycle management was a very manual and intensive process that took anywhere from two to three days to complete — it now takes about 5 to 15 minutes.
  • Significant improvements in data and analytical literacy of the client’s staff via trainings, workshops and community resources provided by Alteryx.