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World-renowned financial giant boosts enterprise-wide agility

Rally Adapter for Jira plus consistent SAFe training for alignment and speed-to-scale
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8.8 min read

Disruption continues in the financial services sector including new competition, new products and new markets. No matter how large or respected a company may be, there is never an opportunity to stand still.

This highly regulated company supports co-located teams around the world and their solutions need to be compliant, secure and flexible enough to satisfy regulatory needs across a variety of countries. This client is an American multinational investment management and financial services company with over 80,000 employees in 41 countries.






billion in revenue

The Challenge

Successfully scale agility despite prior failures

After numerous attempts, the client wanted to scale agility throughout their enterprise. Once and for all.

The sheer size of the implementation, and the complexity of work and coordination it entailed, hindered past attempts.

Frustrated by the absence of a synchronized approach or a clearly defined owner to manage the process, many of the company’s business units (BUs) developed their own solutions or instituted and used several tools, including Rally Software.

While the proactive BUs saw benefits from these initiatives, their efforts did not produce concrete enterprise-wide business value.

The Challenge

The objective

Launch a pilot that could be scaled across the enterprise

Learning of the company’s issues, Broadcom Software invited HCLTech’s Enterprise Studio team to join a coordinated initiative to repeat a demo of Rally for the company.

The approach called for Broadcom to supply the software and HCLTech to use its adoption services expertise in a controlled pilot rollout to one of the company’s BUs. The pilot revealed several issues in integrating Rally with Jira, a key technical requirement for the client to fully adopt Rally. The project was put on hold until a solution was available.


The solution

Rally Adapter for Jira plus consistent SAFe training for alignment and speed-to-scale

That solution arrived when Broadcom announced a new version of the Rally Adapter for Jira.

We’re all familiar with Isaac Newton’s metaphor, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Well, it turns out that even giants like this company needed strong shoulders to stand on.

The client made the strategic decision to stand on the strength of Rally Adapter for Jira in a much larger, fully coordinated and scaled five-month pilot program spanning 300 teams and 4,000 people in 20 diverse BUs.

The company also chose to rely on the support of HCLTech and Broadcom as preferred partners. HCLTech’s Enterprise Studio team led the rollout with its technical services and adoption expertise and Broadcom Rally specialists provided part-time assistance with the Rally Adapter for Jira.

The Solution

HCLTech focused on three main fronts:

  • Implementing and managing the rapid technical onboarding of BUs and teams.
  • Ensuring adoption of Rally Adapter for Jira for all onboarded BUs and teams through agility coaching at both management and team levels.
  • Scaling the enterprise-wide rollout and supporting the customer through every phase of the transition by creating and aligning standards and best practices across the company.

HCLTech worked with Broadcom and the client to create an onboarding cadence of at least one BU per week.

HCLTech also aligned the customer’s Jira servers with its network security software and connected Rally and Jira to each team’s projects in Jira, such as test case management and agile software development.

To improve adoption, HCLTech delivered 100+ hours of training and hands-on agile and SAFe coaching to the BUs. We also frequently helped the BUs implement process changes.

The impact

Enterprise-wide agility at scale

Enterprise-wide transformations always come with challenges, and this pilot proved no different. This transformation’s challenges and our solutions included:

  • Competing priorities: The engagement of senior leaders was critical to every BU’s success in the pilot. Of course, it’s difficult for leaders to balance their engagement in the transformation with the demands of their day jobs, so transformation progress can be a challenge.

    HCLTech solved this by continuously setting achievable goals that required leaders to devote relatively small chunks of effort that delivered sequential quick wins. When everyone, leaders and the rank and file alike, sees their efforts produce positive outcomes, their enthusiasm grows, generating a thirst for more success.

  • Developing trust: For any outside team, navigating a huge environment like the one at this financial giant presents a learning curve. HCLTech worked at a feverish pace to understand the workings of each BU, which gained the trust and confidence of the company’s leaders and rank and file.

    HCLTech team members soon became well known throughout the organization for the many ways they gave a boost to the company: their business acumen, their contributions as trusted advisors, finding solutions to push agile maturity and getting things done.

  • Competing processes: Several subtle intrinsic differences between BUs would have a big impact on how people do their jobs. Some BUs were wedded to their existing customized processes, which couldn’t scale across the company and competed against enterprise-wide success.

    To overcome this obstacle, we regularly performed business process analyses, stayed in constant communication with change-resistant BUs and coached BUs on agile best practices.

Early in the BU rollout, a senior manager at the customer said:

“I didn’t realize how much work we are doing. Finally, we have transparency and visibility into what is happening in our teams!”

Welcome news, indeed, since in essence, the company’s key goal was to leverage Rally to provide alignment and visibility between business objectives and project execution/delivery.

The value of the HCLTech team to the company has increased markedly. BUs seek out our experts for ideas about changing their tooling and processes to drive discipline and agility in project planning and delivery.

Agile and SAFe coaching tailored to each BU addresses BU-specific pain points such as backlog management and OKR formulation, while still enabling the BUs to work within the enterprise-wide solution.

Formal feedback shows that the pilot averaged scores of 8 out of a possible 10 for delivering on expected outcomes.

Like Isaac Newton, who stood on the shoulders of major thinkers to make intellectual progress, this financial giant stood on the shoulders of Broadcom’s Rally Adapter for Jira and HCLTech’s business and technical expertise to bolster its strength and agility.


HCLTech combined both our platform expertise and our approach to agile training and coaching to help get our client ready for scaling agility throughout their organization.

The new version of the Rally Adapter for Jira enables full use of Rally Software for agile software development and other strategic initiatives, and there is now alignment and visibility between business objectives and execution for all teams.


teams participated in the pilot program


people trained


diverse business units


hours of SAFe training and agile coaching