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For today’s digital enterprises, ensuring reliability of applications and services is their top priority as it directly impacts the customer experience. Expectations around new features, availability, security, etc. are being pushed to new benchmarks and there is zero tolerance for events like slow application response.

Ensuring reliability involves a combination of several factors, one of the most important being a non-siloed way of working between the development and operations teams. The traditional methods of SDLC or even the modern-day DevOps often involve rigid boundaries that prevent faster root-cause analysis in case of outages and improved automation to support predictive failures. These development and operational inefficiencies lead to higher rate of failures and repeated breakdowns, ultimately leading to less resilient systems and lower customer experience.

HCLTech CARE (Cloud Application Reliability Engineering) brings value to the operations by leveraging a well-defined set of practices, principles and culture built on SRE and DevOps foundations with a strong emphasis on reliability engineering capabilities. Our service model takes care of both critical-applications and non-critical applications with AppOps under CARE. The offering helps enterprises accelerate business transformation and maximize value by delivering reliable services in tune with fast changing customer expectations.


Consulting Services

  • Assess current cloud platform, application environment, tools, and processes
  • Readiness index framework to assess environment maturity
  • CARE operating model with defined SLO, SLI, SLAs & OKRs
  • Platform design reviews, observability parameters and optimization

Run & Operate Services

Build & Scale
Build & Scale
  • Deploy CARE model and setup observability parameters
  • Automation of manual/repetitive tasks and workforce skill enhancements
  • Run the operations with software engineering approach to fix operational issues
  • Continuous toll reduction and automation


  • Fast time-to-value
    Up to 90% faster identification of production issues
  • Fast time-to-value
    Up to 35% improvement in developer productivity
  • Fast time-to-value
    Improved visibility & better control on business goals due to SLIs, SLOs, error budgeting
  • Fast time-to-value
    Fosters a blameless postmortem culture
  • Fast time-to-value
    Accelerates time to market by up to two times


Kubernetes certified service provider & CNCF gold member

Testifies HCLTech’s capability in driving enterprise Kubernetes journey and supporting the growth and evolution of Cloud-native applications


One-Click Automation IP for Platform Build

Unified Observability

Ready-to-use & customizable unified SRE dashboard

Assessment Framework

CARE Readiness Index (CARE-RI) tool for deeper understanding of reliability & resiliency

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