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HCLTech’s partnership with AWS allows to offer scalable, cost-effective, resilient, secure, and high-performing EDW solutions to global customers across industries by utilizing rich experience in AWS Cloud, data engineering, analytics, and functional knowledge.

AWS Redshift comes with the solution to all the pain points of the traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse  platform. Being a fully managed serverless cloud data warehouse platform, it drastically reduces the effort to create and manage infrastructure. It can horizontally scale to manage exabyte levels of data. Amazon Redshift also provides distributed processing capacity on AWS S3 directly, which provides faster data analytics instead of a complete ETL process. AWS Redshift supports SQL and integration with most BI platforms, which reduce the migration effort of any existing EDW environment.

Our offerings

Highly secured and compliant solution using Amazon Redshift

Security and compliance are the most important factors while working on business data on cloud. The solution provides best-in-class security using all available features from AWS and integration with the on-prem environment.

Redshift ML solutions

Using machine learning with simple SQL, AWS Redshift EDW provides forecasting, prediction, and classification insights into industry data.

Integration with other AWS services and tools to provide an end-to-end solution

Being a long-term partner with AWS, the solution provides a highly optimized architecture to integrate other services with AWS Redshift and build a complete solution

Extendable and accurate data model to answer complex business queries

A business-centric data model is the backbone of EDW to answer all kinds of complex questions to get proper business insight.

Cost and performance-optimized AWS Redshift EDW infrastructure

A successful and sustaining infrastructure is the most important step to building an enterprise-level data warehousing solution. Backed by rich experience on AWS, the solution provides cost-effective and high-performance AWS infrastructure guidelines based on various benchmarks.



HCLTech successfully architected and deployed solutions for many customers utilizing Amazon Redshift and other offerings.


Having a deep and resourceful understanding of technology as well as the industry, HCLTech is always ahead in providing accurate and futuristic solutions to its clients.


HCLTech wins trust of many client with its rich experience to secure their data on cloud and provides cutting-edge solutions using the latest features available on AWS.