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HCLTech DevOps Capability with AWS

HCLTech is a Certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps Competency Partner

Modern enterprises in every sector are witnessing a complete digital overhaul, with organizations striving to leverage a focused ‘DevOps-centric’ delivery model. A robust DevOps framework is a crucial building block for any enterprise’s digital transformation journey. The key advantages of a DevOps model are heightened productivity, reduced time to market, and faster and more efficient product releases.

The DevOps model transformation process comprises of three major stages:

  • Current state and relevant gap assessment
  • Adequate infrastructure, tools, and workforce deployment to implement agile DevOps services delivery
  • Appropriate solution delivery model identification with a roadmap for effective transition

HCLTech’s data-driven framework to end-to-end DevOps consulting services consists of evaluation, planning and, roll-out. HCLTech offers solutions for maturity assessment, readiness assessment, and adoption frameworks. Our DevOps service delivery is bolstered by extensive experience in a wide range of IT implementation. HCLTech has completed multiple transitions with Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps tools for automation and agile application lifecycle management. HCLTech’s center of excellence (COE) has been leveraged to build future-proof IT solutions. With robust AWS partner services, HCLTech ensures quantifiable outcomes, measured in terms of release frequency, lead time to production, and mean time to recover.

As an esteemed partner, The AWS partner services help enterprises rapidly and reliably build and deliver services utilizing AWS and DevOps practices. These AWS DevOps partners’ services help in simplifying provisioning and managing infrastructure, deploying application code, automating software release processes, and monitoring client’s applications and infrastructure.

HCLTech-AWS Partnership