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The call for establishing a heterogeneous landscape of digital health is transforming the way life sciences and their partnerships have been previously defined. In new partnerships with established life sciences firms, the providers are seeking a more meaningful use of data for virtual health and medical adherence. The payors are looking for ways to integrate patients’ data to provide a 1:1 proactive patient-care system through conversational AI, intelligent apps, remote patient monitoring, virtual clinical trials and AI-driven insights. This is to address continuity of care, proper coding, billing, claims management and overall patient well-being. Through cloud computing in life sciences, HCLTech’s goal is to provide a greater focus on interoperability and seamless integration across the life sciences ecosystem.

The HCLTech life sciences (LS) industry practice is focused and designed to enable businesses to pivot from their current cloud state to the models and capabilities of Cloud 3.0. Continuous modernization—with Cloud 3.0—has become a culture to support and evolve clients’ digital initiatives, whereby apps and data can be anywhere, anytime, in a secure and compliant fashion.

HCLTech’s for life sciences—CloudSMART on AWS —is meant to ‘meet the clients where they are’ on their cloud journeys and strategize their businesses better with industry experience and modern engineering to accelerate growth and effectiveness, and reinvent their future.


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Expertise in Life Sciences

HCLTech Offering

The life sciences CloudSMART

The life sciences CloudSMART adaptive cloud strategy and advisory include cloud business strategy, cloud adoption and acceleration, cloud technical roadmap, cloud target operating model, multi-cloud adoption, and cloud governance

Life sciences-focused

Life sciences-focused, end-to-end portfolio analysis with cloud-based rules engine—via the use of cloud insights platform—helps in transforming business value with modern cloud-native applications and data valuation as part of a continuous modernization approach.

 Life sciences application rationalization

Life sciences application rationalization and AWS Cloud disposition architecture, security, and governance for modern cloud-native application migrations.

Life sciences hybrid cloud

Life sciences hybrid cloud reference model includes AWS hybrid cloud log management and next-generation hybrid cloud operations with AWS cloud-native tools.

GxP-compliant cloud application

GxP-compliant cloud application migration frameworks and GxP-validation approach for cloud migration factory utilize risk-based approach and reduce application re-validation requirements.

Life sciences AWS cybersecurity

Life sciences AWS cybersecurity as-a-service program to help advance the use of AWS cloud services and features while advancing the overall cybersecurity posture.

Effective use of AWS WAF

Effective use of AWS WAF Lens integrated with the HCLTech MyXalytics CloudFinOps offering to help enable a true CloudFinOps program.


HCLTech CARE – Cloud Application Reliability Engineering program as next-generation cloud-managed services offering for life sciences-compliant, cloud-run models to help clients build a product-centric IT approach via SRE-/PRE-embedded programs.

IoT WoRKS Decentralized Clinical Trials

IoT WoRKS Decentralized Clinical Trials – Modelled on ‘direct to patient’ interaction technology, leveraging wearables and home-based physiological devices, geared up to help pharmaceutical companies reduce study timelines by 50 %, lower site burden, and speed enrolment.

Key Benefits

HCLTech-AWS Life Sciences

HCLTech-AWS Life Sciences Center of Excellence includes HCLTech’ Life Sciences and CloudSMART industry leads.

HCLTech-AWS cloud-native

HCLTech-AWS cloud-native labs for life sciences POC’s solutions using HCLTech frameworks and accelerators


GxP-compliant cloud migrations factory model leveraging process validation model

Life sciences-compliant

Life sciences-compliant cloud operations, including HIPAA/GxP best practices, for maximum agility

Real-time observability

Real-time observability, visibility, and cloud workload placement with unified reporting and predictive analytics

HCLTech Cloud FinOps

HCLTech Cloud FinOps for cost transparency and optimization with dedicated FinOps-certified practitioners for AWS cloud

Life Science cloud cybersecurity

Life Science cloud cybersecurity frameworks with cloud vulnerability management and multi-tier security

HCLTech’ Life Science Business

HCLTech’ Life Science Business Consulting group leverages its industry domain experts and business process consultant.

Partner Perspective


Chris Niederman

GM for Global Account Sales
and Strategic Alliances

“HCLTech provides an end-to-end roadmap for adopting AWS, starting from cloud consulting in order to best serve our mutual customers.”



Chris Niederman

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CloudSMART for AWS is HCLTech’s continuous modernization experience to help enterprises accelerate their cloud business transformation journey.

As an AWS partner, we provide end-to-end AWS Managed Services and AWS operations through ElasticOps.

We offer best-in-class cloud enablement and management services, driving customer outcomes at scale by workload, by application re-architecting, and with a smooth digital transformation journey.


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