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Disruptions in the financial markets, supply chain, and climate extremes are creating challenges for your global businesses. Iconic brands are battling neo-competitors for customer mindshare and competing on their ability to create the ultimate customer experience. Securing competitive positions in the global market requires high speed innovation. HCLTech CloudSMART provides a carefully curated portfolio of solutions – SMART Ways- to enable your transformation journey and future proof your technology decisions. HCLTech CloudFactory plays the critical role of building and delivering the services defined by the SMART Ways.   

HCLTech CloudFactory delivers an industrialized, automated combination of machine and human capabilities that deliver value at record speed. CloudSMART consultants begin with an orchestrated program to analyze, design and plan how you can elevate cloud as a business platform. Then the CloudFactory delivers the value with uncompromising rigor.  

HCLTech CloudFactory mobilizes the highly skilled HCLTech engineering machine to deliver adaptable cloud services in record time. HCLTech CloudFactory relies on standardization and automation to mitigate the risks of migration while improving time to value.

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  • You will see new ways of aligning, adopting and operating the Modern Cloud to future proof your technology decisions.
  • You will hear how HCLTech brings together the 4 Ps of Modern Cloud: Process, Policy, People, Platforms, and
  • You will learn how CloudFactory improves your time to value!
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