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Supercharging Progress, Play by Play
The Official Digital Transformation Partner
The Official Digital Transformation Partner
The Official Digital Transformation Partner

Changing the Game

As a Cornerstone Partner and the Official Digital Transformation Partner of MetLife Stadium, the New York Giants and the New York Jets, HCLTech is enriching experiences for the teams’ passionate supporters, as well as all stadium-goers and guests attending events, reimagining what it means to be a fan in the digital age.

We’re supercharging the adoption of best-in-class technology to unify and elevate experiences for fans-both inside and outside the stadium, building deeper connections and memorable brand moments before, during and after game days through immersive, seamless and real-time digital engagement.

Changing the Game
Our partnership with MetLife Stadium

“Our partnership with MetLife Stadium, alongside the Giants and Jets, represents an incredible opportunity for HCLTech to provide new and innovative technology tools and experiences on a massive scale.”

C Vijayakumar

CEO & Managing Director | HCLTech

Our partnership with MetLife Stadium Desktop
Our partnership with MetLife Stadium Mobile

A Shared Vision

This partnership sees us come together with three iconic brands from the world of sports and entertainment to drive digital transformation and enhance fan experiences—from the sidelines to the stands, giant-screen to second-screen, in-stadium and beyond.

MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium

Home of the New York Jets and New York Giants, and one of the largest stadiums in the NFL with a capacity of 82,500, MetLife Stadium has hosted over 500 major events and 2,500 special events and has been named “Highest Grossing Stadium of the Year” 9 times by Billboard and “2017 Venue of the Year” by StadiumBusiness.

New York Giants

A cornerstone franchise of the NFL since 1925, the New York Giants have won eight championships. After winning two titles in five years (most recently in 2007 and 2011), the Giants are the only NFL franchise with Super Bowl victories in four consecutive decades.

New York Giants
New York Jets

New York Jets

Founded in 1959 as an original member of the American Football League (AFL) the Jets won Super Bowl III in 1969 and joined the NFL in 1970. The Jets are committed to connecting with its fan base through innovation and experiences and takes pride in long-standing, year-round commitment to their community.




A new look for the new season

Our new main gate sign is live, ahead of the Giants and Jets’ new season

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Supercharging Progress. Engaging Millions.

Supercharging Progress. Engaging millions Mobile

Since its first sports partnership in 2015, HCLTech has driven the digital transformation for iconic brands in soccer, ocean sailing and cricket—keeping the fans at the center and bringing millions closer to the sporting organizations they love.

Among the NFL’s most dedicated fan bases, Giants and Jets supporters can look forward to HCLTech’s rich experience in platform-driven business transformation, supported by market-leading capabilities in, Digital, Engineering and Cloud.

A Game
of Progress

A Game of Progress

Football is a sport, in the most literal of ways, about progress: Players fight inch by inch, move yard by yard, methodically and strategically, down the field, for first downs and then second and then third—a game of steady movement and minute measurement.

But the drama of the sport often comes in those instants when, indeed, the deliberateness of progress becomes quick: the moment the arcing pass finds its recipient. The moment the tackle is evaded and the field is clear and the runner, weaving and winding, makes it to the 15-yard line, and then the 10, and then the 5, and then the endzone. Those are the moments that make the difference between wins and losses. When the inches add up to yards and touchdowns.

They are the moments that make the game what it is.

That is what Supercharging Progress looks like.

Businesses operate in a similar way. They grow incrementally, changing day to day, proceeding methodically until, inspired by a split-second happening—a perfect pass, a surprise tackle, a technology breakthrough, a moment of quiet human ingenuity, a combination of both—a real game-changer, they race forward. While some are in the business of managing day-to-day change, we supercharge progress—we change the game.