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Mastering Multicloud Migration with HCLTech and VMware

Discover the secrets to accelerating your multicloud adoption journey with this Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) eBook. Organizations continuously evolve their digital landscapes in a world where cloud computing is the future.

HCLTech and VMware Cloud Accelerator deliver tailored solutions to navigate this intricate landscape. Focused on multicloud capabilities and application modernization, it accelerates cloud transformation, strengthens cloud-native operations and empowers hybrid workforces. Integrating the CloudSMART strategy, HCLTech VMware Ecosystem enhances agility and flexibility and facilitates seamless and scalable cloud deployments.

In this eBook, we unveil how HCLTech can seamlessly guide you through your transformation journey and explore selective migration, multicloud adoption, application portability and cloud acceleration.

Cloud by the Numbers

Organizations Continue to Migrate Most of Their Existing Applications to the Cloud

TechTarget's ESG research survey reveals that 74% of current on-premises applications are ripe for cloud migration within the next five years, dispelling the myth that "everything" is moving to the cloud. Dive into the factors driving this decision, from performance optimization to security concerns, cost considerations and functionality expectations. Explore the dynamic landscape where public cloud and on-premises solutions coexist and compete for the future of workloads.


Of organizations deploy production applications and server workloads on public cloud


Of hybrid cloud users consider application portability critical


Of enterprises plan to boost spending on cloud-native technologies, services and staff


Of cloud users cite security as a major challenge for their cloud-native applications

Leader Talks

Expert Insights on Multicloud Excellence

In a world where approximately 70% of organizations are in "cloud chaos," this interview explores how HCLTech and VMware are partnering to help organizations solve this problem. Watch industry leaders Anand Swamy and Monty Bhatia at the CUBE Interview, VMware Explore 2023, as they delve into the critical topic of escaping cloud chaos and embracing the strategic advantages of multicloud with the CloudSMART strategy.

Discover insights into cloud trends, the motivations driving enterprises to the cloud and the importance of CloudSMART in multicloud adoption. Learn how the dedicated HCLTech VMware ecosystem empowers enterprises to accelerate their cloud transformation, scale cloud-native platform operations and enable hybrid workforces.

Watch Anand Swamy and Monty Bhatia demystifying cloud chaos

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