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Embrace a smart approach to avoid cloud chaos

Organizations are expanding cloud efforts to help accelerate transformation and unlock untapped value
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Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith
US Reporter, HCLTech
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Embrace a smart approach to avoid cloud chaos

To best provide comprehensive solutions to their customers, HCLTech and VMware have collaborated to adopt a CloudSMART approach to deal with cloud-related hurdles in their IT systems. Now, by aligning their CloudSMART strategies, HCLTech and VMware are assisting organizations looking to undergo a transformation journey.

In today’s IT world, businesses have to be able to adapt quickly to gain an advantage in the market. Multi-cloud environments allow businesses to gain agility for transformation. The competitive and economic advantages of multi-cloud help organizations quickly realize spikes in complexity, cost and security concerns.

Understanding the CloudSMART Strategy

Mutli-cloud complexity can be a real struggle for organizations as 70% of nearly 6,000 surveyed organizations fall into the category of “cloud chaos,” according to the Multi-Cloud Maturity Index Research Report. Cloud chaos refers to how greater cloud choice leads to a massive spike in complexity, resulting in slower and cumbersome app builds, while app portfolio management becomes difficult and expensive. Businesses in cloud chaos miss out on key multi-cloud revenue, profitability and data monetization benefits that deliver competitive advantages. 

HCLTech’s CloudSMART strategy provides organizations with a complete, high-value cloud consulting and delivery platform to ensure that organizations get the full benefits of cloud. It is also designed as an adaptive portfolio of solutions that enable continuous modernization, increased agility and improved operational efficiency.

As for the collaboration between HCLTech and VMware, it resulted in building a CloudSMART enabled VMware ecosystem. This ecosystem offers multi-cloud and app modernization solutions for accelerating enterprise cloud transformation, scaling cloud-native platform operations and empowering hybrid and fragmented workforces. By aligning customers’ transformation initiatives, HCLTech and VMware can enable customers to achieve digital success with their business objectives.

Among the benefits of being a cloud-smart organization include customers being able to shape both their competitiveness and their top-line results. Becoming cloud smart allows customers to improve revenue growth and profitability, while being able to better recruit and retain top talent and manage data wherever they reside.

Key CloudSMART strategy components

CloudSMART is a consulting-led approach powered by a robust partner ecosystem designed to deliver the benefits of cloud as a business platform. Through its extensive network of cloud and IT providers, HCLTech uses CloudSMART Industry Cloud to solve the nuanced challenges facing global industries.

Key strategy components for implementing a CloudSMART approach includes fostering a cloud culture within organizations and partnering with system integrators to bring skills, experience and relationships across the ecosystem of cloud and technology providers. Partnering with HCLTech allows for multi-cloud adoption and management at scale.

VMware’s Cross-Cloud Services are an extension of its CloudSMART strategy and gives organizations a standardized way to build, operate, access and secure applications on any cloud.

Cloud: The catalyst for innovation

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Leveraging a CloudSMART strategy for business success

For the past 15 years, HCLTech and VMware have driven successful client outcomes with services and solutions built for the modern enterprise. Just last year, HCLTech and VMware announced a dedicated VMware business unit to assist enterprises with unlocking the untapped value of multi-cloud and app modernization.

The business unit combines the power of HCLTech’s CloudSMART Framework with VMware’s Cross-Cloud services to help enterprises accelerate cloud transformation, scale cloud-native platform operations and empower hybrid workforces.

“We are in a macroeconomic environment where ecosystems must collaborate to provide innovative and effective solutions that the industry requires,” said Anand Swamy, Executive Vice President, Head of Tech and ISV Ecosystems, HCLTech. “Our new VMware business unit leverages the HCLTech and VMware synergies to incubate, construct and architect innovative, customized cloud implementation strategies with our CloudSMART approach as the baseline.”

Since applications are at the center of what enterprises do, having a multi-cloud environment enables companies to create, deploy, operate, secure and access applications across the organization. DevOps, DevSecOps, security professionals, platform operators, cloud architects and executives are all invested in multi-cloud and cloud-smart companies will make cloud work with more options and more choices, with less complexity and no compromise.

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