Tee up with TUCK Ep 2 – Digital building blocks of a resilient enterprise | HCLTech


In a world forever changed by the current pandemic, innovation and insight are key motivators that will shape how industries function during this difficult time. Dedicated leaders are the ones who can develop strategies and inspire others to perform to the best of their abilities. Their ideas, experiences and learnings are paramount in recalibrating organizations and fostering growth during the pandemic.

As a firm believer in the inspirational power of tactile leadership, HCLTech has been privileged to host its TEE UP WITH TUCK Sessions – an advanced leadership program that seeks to inspire exploration and innovation for industries looking to navigate the turbulent tide of the current pandemic. Spread across two major sessions where prominent industry leaders share their insights and learnings for the current business paradigm, TEE UP WITH TUCK is a one-of-a-kind platform moderated by our esteemed TUCK School professors, where real-time scenarios and lived-experiences take center stage. Through these discussions, HCLTech hopes that we can encourage dialogue and resilient thought leadership on how we conduct business within this uncertain industrial landscape.

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