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COVID-19 - iCE.SelfCare


DWP Situation

The Situation

In these unprecedented times, more people than ever are isolated in their homes, causing Internet and WiFi access to be more critical than ever. Customers expect stable and reliable access to remotely run businesses, support customers, maintain business continuity, conduct remote education, entertain, and maintain connections with friends and family. It is a trying time for all, and internet access has become a necessity for many across the globe.

DWP Impact

The Impact

This scenario has created a unique and challenging situation for Service Providers (SP) as the Availability, Performance, and General Support about customer networks is being tested more than ever due to increased users/usage, unique in-home usage locations, and new usage scenarios to support business security. If you layer in the likelihood of reduced staffing associated with this situation, the problem only grows. This event is driving more call volume to SP Customer Care organizations than ever. Increased call volume has a domino effect for these organizations. It usually comes with extended Call Wait and Call Handle Times, which can cause frustration for customers in need of immediate support.

DWP Action

The Action

HCLTech can help with its iCE.SelfCare module. This module can be used by any service provider to expand or enhance existing customer support channels. It does not require any active resources responding to customer queries or problems, and is designed to reduce overall call volume and call handle time. This capability enables customers to remotely access their in-home environment, understanding existing performance, diagnose and solve common problems affecting services, and get answers to common questions without requiring a dedicated Customer Care agent.

Key Capabilities

  • Intelligent AutoBot capability that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your customers and provided services
  • Supports native language or voice to enable everyone to easily use this interface
  • Can be used in conjunction with iCE.Manage or can be integrated into third-party systems
  • When used with iCE.Insights, AI/ML-based actions can be integrated to enhance the overall problem resolution process
  • Includes SmartFAQ to provide access to static content to further help customers
  • Capability can be extended to Field Technicians to support Installation and Service Verification

The below diagrams illustrate how iCE.SelfCare can support your needs:

iCE.SelfCare LayoutiCE.SelfCare Features

Benefits & Value


Empower Customers or technicians to remotely access deployed devices to:

  • Obtain real-time status of whole home environment
  • Diagnose and solve common problems with intelligent and customizable Autobot
  • Automate Resolutions
  • Manage Common device configurations and perform remote actions such as:
    • Speed tests
    • Guest access configurations
    • Password configurations
  • Reduce Call Volume
  • Reduce Call Wait Time
  • Decrease avoidable truck rolls
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve installation and service quality