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Securing value at every step

Financial services industry requires stringent security at every level. Any security disruptions or breaches impact financial services organizations in a big way and adversely affects brand reputation and cause both financial and client losses.

While financial services firms have pioneered digital adoption to enable more ease and efficiency for their customers, this has opened them up to new threats from cyber-attacks such as loss of credit card data, phishing, identity threats, zero-day vulnerability, etc. Evolving financial regulatory and compliance requirements like BASEL IV are an added challenge that financial services enterprises face.

Modern financial firms need an all-encompassing, dynamic, and resilient security solution. HCLTech offers a portfolio of cybersecurity services that include Governance, Risk & Compliance, Data Security and Data Privacy, Managed Identity as a Service (MiDaaS), Vulnerability Management, Digital Risk Management, Cybersecurity Monitoring and Incident Response services, Managed Security Services.

Our Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework applies AI and predictive analytics to provide a pro-active and integrated response to threats and improve your security stature significantly.

Securing Financial Services

Key challenges and HCLTech’ Solutions

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Identity theft

Digital attacks such as phishing or brand impersonation seek to steal and monetize a person’s credentials or identity information which can lead to terrible financial losses and the loss of brand equity and customer trust.

HCLTech’s Identity and Access Management Solution secures financial services organizations against consumer identity theft and shadow IT risks

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Third-party threats

As financial firms expand their operations to third-party ecosystems without robust security strategies, they face new challenges, such as managing risk profiles, securing data, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

With the 3PAS framework, HCLTech offers a well-defined Third Party Risk Assessment Model that helps financial organizations seek timely vendor risk insights and respond to third-party risk exposures

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Data theft and data manipulation

Unsafe network connections allow bad agents to deploy attacks using artificial intelligence. These highly advanced malwares evolve in tandem with artificial intelligence tools, can infiltrate IT networks, and cause devastating data theft and data manipulation. Ransomware attack is another common threat seen in the financial services industry.

With data security and data privacy services, HCLTech provides 360-degree lifecycle capabilities to deliver a robust data security program that’s tailored for your digitization needs. HCLTech’s Advisory and Assessment, Infrastructure and Cloud Security, and Threat and Vulnerability Management manage infrastructure and cloud security in a comprehensive manner, dynamically secure multiple users and touchpoints and enable a more resilient architecture

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Business disruptions

Business continuity and customer trust are the cornerstones of financial enterprises. Financial service industry has seen an increase in the number, scale and sophistication of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks which attempt to shut down machines or networks by flooding them with traffic and causing them to crash

HCLTech’s five-phase delivery methodology for business resiliency ensures a hosted and managed disaster recovery and security solution that strengthens security technologies and business continuity. HCLTech Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Services also help financial organisations successfully balance increasing regulatory pressures and cost management requirements with improved processes

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Unfortified apps

Even as financial firms adopt improved security systems, they are susceptible to risks from the touch points on their consumers’ personal devices – for e.g the proliferation of mobile apps for financial activities increases the risks of cyber threats

HCLTech’s Application Security offers a robust, scalable, and multi-stage security to protect enterprises from external and internal threats, vulnerabilities, and breaches across the application’s life cycle

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