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The life sciences and healthcare (LSH) industry, comprising of an amalgamation of industries like hospital management, pharmaceuticals, health insurance companies, and manufacturers of medical equipment, have leveraged new-age technology through meaningful usage of IoT-enabled devices, automation, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and highly scalable and connected digital health platforms.

On the flip side of this rapid high-tech adoption, the industry is also highly vulnerable to cyber threats – from targeted breaches of health records and patient databases or even R&D blueprints of pharmaceutical intellectual property to the shutdown of IoT-based medical devices. The industry faces an added challenge of navigating ever-changing regulations like the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the American Healthcare Act (AHCA), HIPAA, and Medicare reforms such as MACRA.

HCLTech is well-versed with the needs of the lifesciences and healthcare industry and offers comprehensive, tailor-made cybersecurity services. Our services include Global Risk and Compliance Management, Data Security and Privacy, Application Security, Infrastructure and Cloud Security services, Identity and Access Management, 360-degree OT Security and much more.

Our Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework applies AI and predictive analytics to provide a pro-active and integrated response to threats and improve your security stature significantly. This in-turn enables your organization to secure patient identity, maintain business and operational continuity and retain customer trust.

Healthcare Security - Cyber Defense Program

Key challenges

Unpatched Systems and Applications
Unpatched systems and applications
Outdated applications and systems expose life sciences and healthcare organizations to critical cyber-attacks that can lead to loss of confidential customer data or theft of highly critical R&D blueprints, which, in turn, can impact business and consumer trust.

The life sciences and healthcare industry needs a foolproof mechanism against cyber-attacks to mask its data, ensure fine-grained access controls, actively monitor the constantly growing databases, and protect against data theft.

HCLTech’s Data Security and Data Privacy Services take a four-fold approach for a cyber defense program that protects organizations against risks from third-party access and internal breaches.

Third-Party Risk
Third-party risk
Multiple stakeholder interactions across complex enterprise systems can lead to accidental or malicious exposure of patient and research data, which, in turn, can lead to significant disruptions in patient care and the development of life-saving treatments and tools.

HCLTech’s Identity and Access Management Solution secures enterprises against employee errors, BYOD vulnerabilities, and shadow IT risks, with tools that address the needs of a dynamic enterprise.

IT-OT integration
IT-OT integration
The growing scale of network segmentation in the healthcare and life sciences industry requires real-time visibility and monitoring across IT-OT systems to ensure a proactive security posture.

HCLTech’s 360° SecureOT framework ensures that enterprises can assess, architect, define, design, and implement an IT-OT solution that is designed for Industry 4.0.

Unsecured Applications
Unsecured applications
Poor encryption, unsecure data storage, and misconfigured databases make most applications an easy target for hackers and lead to leaks of confidential health or pharmaceutical data.

HCLTech’s Application Security offers a robust, scalable, and multi-stage solution that leverages the right toolsets to protect enterprises from external and internal threats, vulnerabilities, and breaches across the security life cycle.

Business Continuity Threats
Business continuity threats
Healthcare and life sciences firms are vulnerable to cyber-attacks such as phishing, data, and system breaches. Such threats result in the loss of sensitive data and system-wide disruption, leading to potential loss of life and supply chain disruption of critical healthcare products. This, of course, affects business continuity.

HCLTech’s five-phase delivery methodology for business resiliency ensures a hosted and managed disaster recovery solution that strengthens business continuity.

Compliance Control
Compliance control
Life sciences and healthcare enterprises need to trudge the fine line between various regulations and compliance policies, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the American Healthcare Act (AHCA), HIPAA, and Medicare reforms such as MACRA.

HCLTech’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services offer enterprises a combination of deep domain knowledge and technology expertise, with solutions tailored to industry-specific needs.

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