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Driving secure growth for Industry 4.0

While Industry 4.0 is keen to leverage industrial IoT (IIoT) and advanced digital manufacturing technologies to harness the power of data, these also open up plants and manufacturing companies to vulnerabilities from the growing threat landscape. Ensuring the privacy and safety of R&D blueprints, preventing machinery downtime or shutdowns, mitigating supply chain disruptions, and securing the assembly line from cyber threats are a few key focus areas for plants and manufacturing organisations today.

HCLTech’s security services for plant and manufacturing companies cover essential service components such as Asset and Vulnerability management, Identity and Access Management, Incident Monitoring, Third-party Risk Assessment, 360-degree plant and OT security, and more.

Our Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework applies AI and predictive analytics to provide a pro-active and integrated response to threats that in-turn help you reduce downtime and secure your plant and enterprise.

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Key challenges

Data Management
Data management
Manufacturing companies rely on multiple cross-enterprise collaborations where valuable data is shared across systems. Implementing security solutions such as data masking, ensuring fine-grained access controls, and active database monitoring safeguards manufacturing companies from cyber threats such as intellectual property theft across the enterprise.

HCLTech’s security solution is Data Security and Data Privacy Services, which does just that through its four-fold approach. It protects manufacturing companies against risks from cyber threats such as unapproved third-party access and internal breaches.

Connected Manufacturing Vulnerabilities
Connected manufacturing vulnerabilities
Increasingly interconnected digital manufacturing operations and manufacturing technologies are vulnerable to cyber threats that can compromise digital manufacturing assets by exploiting gaps in OT-enabled systems, resulting in large-scale business disruption. What manufacturers need is a cybersecurity solution aimed at securing all key aspects of the operational chain, such as manufacturing assets, workers, connected technologies, and processes.

HCLTech’s security expertise is embedded in the 360° SecureOT framework. Backed by several security technologies, it ensures that manufacturers can assess, architect, define, design, and implement an IT-OT security solution that is designed for Industry 4.0.

Weak Cloud Security
Weak cloud security
Cloud infrastructure plays a key role in Industry 4.0 as it is the backbone of services, data, and capabilities. From cloud-based applications to real-time databases, vulnerabilities in the cloud and IT security infrastructure can be exploited by malicious agents and lead to revenue leakage and disrupted operations.

HCLTech’s Infrastructure and Cloud Security Solution ensures comprehensive cloud security by managing security technologies, dynamically securing multiple clouds, detecting and responding to threats, and placing resilient firewalls at every digital touch point.

Business Disruption
Secure third-party remote access
For plants and manufacturing enterprises, securing third-party users access and data is highly critical. Cyber-threats in the form of phishing attacks, identity theft and others from third-party vendors bring new challenges

HCLTech’s Identity and Access Management Solution secures manufacturing organizations against identity theft and shadow IT risks. With the 3PAS framework, HCLTech offers a well-defined Third Party Risk Assessment Model that helps manufacturing organizations seek timely vendor risk insights and respond to third-party risk exposures

Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory compliance
As manufacturing operations become more reliant on digital technology, their IT landscape grows larger and more complex. To mitigate and mediate potentially catastrophic business risks like assembly line hazards, manufacturers must follow stringent regulations, such as assured end-point security and unified threat management.

They also need to comply with existing policies to proactively improve their compliance posture for reduced risk exposure. HCLTech’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services offer manufacturers a combination of deep domain knowledge and security expertise with industry-specific experience.

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