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Expert Roundtable: Accelerate your SAP modernization journey

Experts discuss how to select the best SAP modernization strategy to accelerate ROI

A recent survey found that only 33% of SAP customers have modernized these business-critical workloads. The rest are still debating whether (or when) to begin.

As the foundation for your organization’s most critical business processes, your SAP modernization journey can be incredibly transformative if done thoughtfully. A well-planned approach alongside expert technology partners can deliver quick wins and ROI within 8-12 months. Those savings can then be reinvested into business innovation or new strategic priorities.

Hear experts from IDC, HCLTech, and Google Cloud help you define the right SAP modernization strategy for your organization.

In this expert roundtable, we discuss:

  • Trends & insights from organizations considering or pursuing modernization
  • Common mistakes organizations make before or during their journey
  • How to choose the right modernization approach for your organization – including if/when to migrate from on-prem to public cloud
  • Tips to accelerate your modernization journey plus how to achieve ROI within 8-12 months


  • Barbara Call, Senior Director of Content Strategy and Operations, IDG
  • Carla Arend, Senior Program Director of Cloud Research, IDC
  • Sanjay Singh, EVP & Global Head of GCP, HCLTech
  • Snehanshu Shah, Managing Director of SAP Solution Engineering, Google Cloud
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