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Digital Acceleration for Business Resilience


Digital acceleration
for business resilience

Discover the 3 steps to secure your place in the digital future – backed by insights from 400+ forward-looking IT and business executives from around the world.

The playing field is permanently changed, and enterprises are focused on digital like never before.
0 of organizations feel digital transformation is currently a priority.
0 of organizations have a formal digital strategy in place.
0 of organizations have a tactical roadmap for digital planning and prioritization.

Reprioritize Digital Investments

You are in the new normal. The organizations that will fare best are those that restart their planning and budgeting from scratch when it comes to digital investments.

9 out of 10 organizations indicate their company faces at least one barrier in their digital transformation efforts.

Top-3 Digital Roadblocks

Data Security Concerns

Legacy Technology

Lack Of Skills Internally

9 out of 10 organizations plan to invest more heavily in at least one digital technology due to the pandemic.

Top-3 Technology Priorities


Cloud Computing

Big Data Analytics

Rework Business Architecture for Agility

Abnormal environments require flexibility to navigate. Business architecture agility – comprising both process and technology architecture – is the key to handling the abnormal.

Only 4 out of 10 organizations have a robust data strategy in place. But those that do are 2.5x more likely to deliver a consistent omnichannel experience to customers.

Top-3 reasons

Invest in Digital Capabilities
To improve
operational efficiency
To improve
customer experiences
To launch
new products and services

9 in 10 organizations are using the cloud to some extent, but only 3 in 10 are cloud native. This shows the journey ahead to unlocking true agility with a flexible technology core.


Build a Strategic Partner Ecosystem

The nature of digital acceleration means you can’t do it alone. Enterprises today are increasingly leveraging outside capabilities and a healthy partner ecosystem to pivot quickly with best-in-class resources.

Partnering with trusted experts is key to unlocking digital success. We expect these figures to rise over the next 5-10 years as the rate of tech innovation outpaces internal capabilities.

0 of organizations leverage a partner ecosystem to execute their enterprise digital transformation.
0 of organizations see lack of skills internally as a threat to digital acceleration.

Digital Acceleration Report 2021

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