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From Adversaries to Allies

The sudden onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruptions caused by it have led to increasing instances of collaborative efforts. This report uncovers changing attitudes towards partnerships and collaborations with insights collected from a worldwide survey of over 209 executives. Termed as the New Essential, this conflux of partnerships–that combine cutting-edge technology with human ingenuity–is an epochal shift in how organizations view themselves and each other in the long term. Learn how to harness the power of partnerships in this exclusive report by the Harvard Business Review Analytic services and how you can supercharge your collaborative efforts to drive innovation in these trying times.

How 'collaborative competition'
is becoming the new normal

Across the world, companies of all shapes and sizes are opting to work with each other to benefit themselves and their customers. This report sheds light on the reasons behind this surge in collaboration.

Doubling Down on Collaboration

As collaborations with technology vendors reach dizzying heights, the companies are releasing the value of partnering out of the box. Eighty-nine percent of the companies surveyed reveal their intentions to partner with the customers to drive growth.

Myriad Benefits

This sudden spike in expanding the horizons of collaborations is primarily driven by the need for faster, broader, and more effective innovation. However, the benefits do not stop there. The companies also expect this to translate to a stellar customer experience too.

Newer Business Models

Companies are now in favor of extracting greater value out of the existing customer base by piggybacking off partners. Eighty-six percent of the respondents agree that this is a key component of their strategy to manage the change.

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