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Virtual Distributed Agile


DWP Situation

The Situation

Today the world is at an inflection point. Beyond causing immense loss of lives and livelihood, the COVID-19 pandemic has also disrupted our established and entrenched way of life, with travel bans, quarantines, and facility closures forcing people to live and work from within the confines of their homes.

From a business perspective, the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a global slowdown - with events such as supply chain disruptions and information blackouts - and but for crises preparedness, would likely have brought organizations and by extension the economy to a complete standstill. However, agile, forward looking businesses continue to operate thanks to technology-led interventions. In a way, these businesses are truly living over the world wide web.

DWP Impact

The Impact

Due to concerns around stakeholder well-being along with guidelines from governments, most organizations are today operating with a largely remote workforce and business partners. While enterprises may have been shocked into this way of working, its clear that the “new normal” will include a permanent change in how enterprises collaborate within their internal teams and with external partners.

Over the past few years and until the recent crisis, enterprises were fast adopting “Scaled and Distributed Agile” to enable digital transformation. This meant that business, technology, product and design teams were able to interact, iterate and innovate to transform the business. Agile delivery model necessitated teams to interact at higher frequency and proximity to build cultural and business empathy between them. This ensured faster delivery of innovation and better business agility.

With the emergence of the ‘new normal’, physical proximity will either be unavailable or severely limited. However enterprises will also need to accelerate their digital transformation journeys in the post-Covid world. Thus arises the need for a remote execution framework that can orchestrate distributed agile for teams across the globe.

DWP Action

The Action

HCLTech’s Virtual Distributed Agile framework is a unique, end-to-end, industry-leading framework capable of helping large enterprises minimize disruptions and establish business continuity through a remote enabled workforce and business partners or vendors. We have combined our deep experience of “scaled distributed agile” in large enterprises along with remote workforce management to create this framework. It ensures accelerated digital transformation as per all key Distributed Agile parameters - rapid decision making, collaborative approach, close knit and self-sufficient teams, and fast execution.

Based on the three key tenets of culture, alignment, and engineering-led execution, the Virtual Distributed Agile framework provides organizations with an experiential framework to build their virtual, distributed agile teams. The framework defines and accounts for all key aspects including people (skill, personal well-being), process (metrics, visibility), tools (communication and collaboration), and talent (upskilling, knowledge sharing and management), enabling a seamless transition to a model suitable for the new reality.

Virtual Distributed Agile Framework

Virtual Distributed Enabled

Portfolio / Program Management

Business Experience Design

Product Management

Organization Change Management

Digital Execution

Framework Elements

Visible and Transparent Governance

  • Performance centric, Automate KPIs, Insights

Value Based Work Alignment

  • Prioritization, Right work definition

High Performing Teams

  • Self managed, Autonomous, remote-ready

Engineering Driven

  • High DevOps maturity, Virtual collaboration

Remote First Processes

  • Working agreement, Documentation rigor


Inclusive Remote Mindset

Culture & business empathy

Asynchronous Communication

Security First

Seamless Transition

HCLTech Enablers

Virtual Hackathon

Virtual Hackathon



Remote Training

Remote Training

Readiness Assessment

Readiness Assessment

Remote Working Guide

Remote Working Guide

ADvantage Suite

ADvantage Suite

Framework Applicability

The Virtual Distributed Agile framework supports multiple types of projects and delivery models. Applicability & effectiveness is based on readiness factors such as existing agile maturity, availability of tools and type of work.

Supports various Project Types


Design, Research, OCM, Application/Infrastructure dev, support & maintenance

Aligned to various Agile models


SAFe, DAD, Spotify, Scrum, Kanban, DevSecOps

Leverage at any project stage


New Projects, Ongoing, Projects, Transition, Enhancements, Operations

Applicability based on Readiness


Agile maturity, collaboration tools availability

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