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HCLTech and Workato partnership
HCLTech and Workato partnership


As a Platinum Partner of Workato, HCLTech has extensive expertise with Workato's cutting-edge technologies to drive agile digital interventions and facilitate large-scale transformations for global enterprises. This collaboration has already benefited our clients in their digital transformation journeys.

Our services not only enable organizational transformation at scale but also provide cloud integration patterns, lightweight deployments and technology adapters to address critical business scenarios in the digital age. With HCLTech ADvantage Workato, automation deployments can now be accomplished 10X faster than traditional platforms, offering unprecedented speed and efficiency.



Our Capabilities

Accelerate Excellence in Integration and Automation and Enable Seamless Experiences

HCLTech ADvantage Workato ensures productivity and inclusiveness in Workato engagements of varied dimensions. It fulfills the exigencies and maintains a coherence in terms of customer experience and operational agility, while realizing the overall vision for digital transformation. Here is a set of accelerators, frameworks and playbooks that facilitate speedy and consistent implementation of Workato-based integration projects.

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HCLTech Real-Time Operations and Analytics Reporting (ROAR)

A next-gen monitoring solution based on open-source frameworks, HCLTech ROAR delivers a rich console for real-time service, APIs and KPI monitoring and reporting.

Integration-as-a-service (IaaS)

Integration-as-a-service (IaaS)

Through our IaaS offering, we offer both the Workato platform as well as recipe design, development and an Operations-as-a- Service model, all under a single contract.


Integration Competency Center Starter Kit

Jump-start integration projects in the enterprise by providing reusable frameworks, best practices, conventions, standards and guidelines for Workato implementations.


Workato Utils

Set of utilities such as reusable utility scripts and utility processes which come in handy for any Workato-based integration implementation.

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