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Cloud services are rapidly proliferating enterprise IT and continues to be a top priority for CIOs across industries. In today’s digital era, flexibility, 24/7 access to business-critical data, substantial IT cost savings, business agility, and operational resilience are some of the key considerations for enterprises to adopt various offerings of cloud services, especially SaaS.

CIOs are looking to move their data from on-prem servers to various software-as-a-service (SaaS) services, like, O365, G-Suite etc to prepare their organizations for the digital transformation. Therefore, it is critical for enterprises to have a robust solution or tool that can discover, assess, rationalize and migrate their on-prem data, whether on file servers or in the cloud or in a hybrid environment to cloud only seamlessly.

HCLTech MigPress, an express migration tool helps you automate and accelerate the migrations by reducing the time and help you realize all the benefits cloud has to offer.

Get started with HCLTech MigPress

  • File assessment module of HCLTech MigPress tool is a lightweight application and empower users to rationalize data.
  • It provides user(s) with the option to scan the content themselves. They can select as many files or add complete folder(s) that they want to scan.
  • The scanned reports can be saved as PDF or the user can send an email to HCLTech for further analysis / partner for migration.
  • This report, that is generated, can be used to plan data sanitization and migration.