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 Experience Lifecycle Management

Did you know that 22% of IT budgets go towards device spending which is expected to rise 10% YoY and the 3rd most pressing concern for the enterprises is device lifecycle management? These findings become more critical as, with the constantly evolving digital technologies, the workforce's ability to creatively adapt to and utilize the digital workplace will be the differentiating factor leading to an organization's competitive advantage.


As organizations aim to transform digital workplaces, they are grappled with challenges like increasing workplace complexity, high capital expenditure, inconsistent user support, and unclear experience ownership.


HCLTech FlexSpace is an industry's first "Experience-as-a-service” digital workplace consumption model that combines the best-in-class IT services with the best IT hardware to completely redefine the new age workplace experiences. HCLTech FlexSpace enables organizations to personalize employee experience to work from anywhere, any time and from any device with a seamless and secured access to resources thereby boosting business productivity, improving efficiency, maximizing creativity and accelerating time-to-market. It is smart solution designed to simplify and reduce IT costs allowing your business to build a modern, flexible, and a responsive workplace by increasing productivity.

Why HCLTech FlexSpace

HCLTech FlexSpace - Subscription based model with predictable costs
Subscription based model with predictable costs

Get flexible and customized solutions on a consumption based model enabling employees to meet their goals and delivering value to your business faster

HCLTech FlexSpace - Persona-aligned catalogued services
Persona-aligned catalogued services

Boost productivity and IT efficiency by delivering the right technology device & services to the right end-users

HCLTech FlexSpace - Accelerated Refresh
Accelerated refresh

Increase workforce productivity and efficiency needed to accelerate innovation and growth

HCLTech FlexSpace - Bundled lifecycle management on global scale
Bundled lifecycle management on global scale

Design your workplace environment faster without comprising quality with complete lifecycle management support

HCLTech FlexSpace - Analytics, Cognition and Automation led services
Analytics, cognition and automation led services

Leverage the power of analytics, cognitive insights and intelligent automation to deliver personalized end-user experience

HCLTech FlexSpace - Higher Productivity, Better Experience
Higher productivity, and better experience

Empower employees with the right technology to boost productivity and to provide positive and seamless end-user experience

What does HCLTech FlexSpace offer

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