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With digital technologies constantly emerging and evolving, the ability of today's enterprise to creatively adapt and utilize the digital workplace will be the differentiating factor in achieving a competitive advantage.

As organizations aim to, they grapple with challenges such as increasing workplace complexity, high capital expenditure, inconsistent user support and unclear experience ownership.


Transform Your Business with a Smart, Connected Workplace Solution

HCLTech FlexSpace, powered by the Intel vPro® platform, is the industry's first "experience-as-a-service” digital workplace consumption model. It combines best-in-class IT services with the best IT hardware to completely redefine new-age workplace experiences. HCLTech FlexSpace enables organizations to personalize employee experiences to work from anywhere, any time and from any device.

It provides seamless and secured access to resources that boost business productivity, improve efficiency, maximize creativity and accelerate time-to-market. It is a smart solution designed to simplify and reduce IT costs, allowing your business to build a modern, flexible and responsive workplace.



The Intel vPro® platform provides FlexSpace with business-class performance, hardware-enhanced security features, modern remote manageability and PC fleet stability.

Data protection
Business-class performance

The Intel vPro® platform delivers business-class PC performance right out-of-the-box to power workforce productivity and faster data analysis, simplify connectivity and extend battery life.

Storage Devices and Systems
Hardware-enhanced security

The Intel vPro® platform is architected with enhanced hardware-based security features. Intel® Hardware Shield provides enhanced protections against attacks below the OS and advanced threat detection capabilities for increased platform security.

Server / HCI platforms
Remote modern PC fleet stability management

Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) helps improve the bottom line by enabling IT to access devices out-of-band from virtually anywhere, reducing the need for costly deskside visits or asset shipments. According to one study, PCs with Intel® AMT can eliminate up to 2,000 truck rolls, with remote repairs reducing carbon emissions.

Interop services
PC fleet stability

Intel® Platform Service Record provides usage and event details for the PC, allowing you to determine whether it should be retired or remediated for a second life.

Business Benefits

FlexSpace, powered by the Intel vPro® platform, offers a kaleidoscope assessment of business personas and site categorization. It helps organizations choose the right blocks from the service catalog and delivers business benefits that include:

Simplified forecasting of maintenance service requirements
Analytics, cognition and automation-led approach
Collaborative forecasting of sales demand vs. operational capacity
Opex model with built-in flexibility
Fully integrated with core SAP S/4HANA maintenance planning processes
Performance-based refresh to enhance sustainability
Fully integrated with core SAP S/4HANA maintenance planning processes
Single ownership of employee experience
Fully integrated with core SAP S/4HANA maintenance planning processes
Subscription-based model with predictable seat/month cost
Fully integrated with core SAP S/4HANA maintenance planning processes
Persona-aligned cataloged service

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