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EdgeLITy offers a seamless adoption of the IoT and enterprise workload by providing an end-to-end platform, encompassing the best practices of operations, security governance, network modernization, and process management. It enables enterprises to collect, connect, and cognize the data-on-demand for both ROBO and Edge locations. The solution leverages hybrid cloud functionalities, tools, and features to address the data locality, processing, and storage requirements. Packed with HCLTech IPs to accelerate the adoption and support life cycle, EdgeLITy helps enterprises achieve agile operations and faster deployment on the go.


EdgeLITy supports industry-leading hybrid cloud solutions:

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s preferred partner for Azure stack hub, Edge, and HCI deployment and integration

Amazon Web Services
  • Joint solutions for data and AI, IoT, SAP, and DevOps integrated with Outposts
  • Launch partner for AWS EKS-A
Google Cloud Platform
  • Joint solutions for 10+ verticals
  • Premier partner status with 2,200+ trained and certified resources

Strategic product engineering partnership with 2,000+ trained and certified resources recognized globally

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Joint launch partner for IoT-driven workloads
  • Co-developed an appliance-based solution for smart manufacturing
  • Strategic innovation partner for cloud, network, and compute
  • Co-developed hybrid cloud architectures and blueprints

Preferred engineering partner with 500+ trained and certified Nutanix professionals

We ensure

Validated architecture
and automation
Validated architecture and automation

Lowers deployment risks, fulfills scalable operations demand at Edge sites

Integrated management

Unified reporting dashboards and policy enforcement across disparate Edge sites and cloud deployments

at core
Security at core

Deep-coded security on hardware and software layers to mitigate changing surface attacks

Pluggable modules
powered by IoT WoRKS™
Pluggable modules powered by IoT WoRKS™

Designed to meet AI/ML demands in real-time

Vendor agnostic

No vendor lock-in ensures complete flexibility in developing tailored offerings per customer needs

Smart multi-cloud
Smart multi-cloud support

Use case-driven choice of cloud deployment and management

Flexible adoption
Flexible adoption models

Supports minimal workload to a full-blown datacenter in a box solution basis customers’ preference

Scalable infrastructure

Efficient block-based architecture to meet the scalability requirement at the Edge

HCLTech differentiators

Unified IT and OT platform management

Unified IT and OT platform management

Support across a diversified set of industry protocols, managing both smart and dumb sensors

Multiple deployment options

Multiple deployment options

Choose the deployment model as per your need — Lite, Smart, and Power

Customized dashboard

Customized dashboard

Persona-specific reporting data visualization dashboard fulfilling customized needs

Extensive partner network

Extensive partner network

Vast partner ecosystem of industry-trusted original equipment manufacturers

Multiple platforms support

Multiple platforms support

Includes leading global operating platforms — Ubuntu, Windows, and Containers, among others

Dedicated SME and skilled workforce

Dedicated SME and skilled workforce

Expert team to deploy and support the IoT environment

Dedicated state-of-the-art IoT collab labs

Dedicated state-of-the-art IoT collab labs

Enabling the art of possibility with HCLTech IoT WoRKS™ and Cloud Native Labs by building industry-specific use cases

We offer

  • Assessment services
  • Build services
  • Manage and operate

Assessment services

  • Business landscape/infrastructure/technology assessment
  • Define business objectives and benefits for AI/ML models
  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Define target solution state, business value, and total cost of ownership

Build services

  • Build Edge module
  • Data ingestion, storage, and processing
  • API development and integration
  • Tools classification
  • Infrastructure build
  • Onboarding services
  • Define process and policy
  • Resource onboarding and training

Manage and operate

  • Edge onboarding and registration
  • Edge management
  • Firmware updates/upgrades
  • Data refinement
  • Analytics and model management
  • Steady state operations
  • Process refinement
  • Day 2 operations Edge modernization
  • Cost-benefit evaluation
  • Continuous service improvement

Industry use cases

Manufacturing, energy and utilities

Manufacturing, energy and utilities

  • Improved overall equipment efficiency
  • Dark asset data monetization
  • Assisted maintenance and resource optimization with AR/VR
  • Planned and predictive maintenance cycle
  • Smart asset tracking to optimize inventory and logistics
Retail and Finance

Retail and finance

  • Footfall analytics and store performance
  • Connected remote sites intelligent processing
  • Leaner infrastructure footprint for remote branches
  • Personalized promotion and improved user experience
  • Secured digital transactions and threat identification
Telecom and Media

Telecom and media

  • Improved QOS for voice and data
  • Private LTE/4G/5G for enterprises, ensuring ultra-reliable communication
  • Architecture for cost-efficient network and bandwidth utilization
Life science and Healthcare

Life science and healthcare

  • Powers innovation with high processing capabilities
  • Advanced diagnostics and treatment, integrating various sources of information
  • Connected medical devices enabling easy tracking and management
  • Patient data-monitoring using connected devices at the Edge