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Corporates are moving their data to cloud for a numerous reasons like accessibility for the employees spread globally, flexibility, security, cost-effectiveness, and even to reduce the on-premise infrastructure required to support the business. Cloud storage enables flexibility of 'working from anywhere' and now is an integral part of most of the modern workplaces.


We, at HCLTech, have foreseen and understood a need for an automated platform which can facilitate an enterprise's decision of moving its data to cloud. We have developed MigPress, a tool which consolidates disparate data sources residing in various locations.


HCLTech’s MigPress provides all the capabilities required to perform the discovery, analysis, rationalization and migration of content to Cloud through a single unified platform. It accelerates and streamlines content migration, management, compliance and security for OneDrive for Business, Streams, SharePoint and other cloud collaboration services. Leveraging rich experience of our experts, HCLTech has designed this platform based on industry best practices. MigPress platform enables enterprises to smoothly execute most complex collaboration and data consolidation tasks—whether your data is on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. The solution gives a bird’s eye view of everything that’s in the source environment, so that the enterprises can take necessary actions even before the migration. It helps enterprises in capturing all the information it needs to plan end-user data migration and accurately estimate the effort required as well.


With the end-user data migration market expected to rise, there’s a global unmet need of supporting this huge requirement. To meet the unmet needs, we present to you MigPress which truly enables Next Generation workplace services.

Migration Lifecycle Overview

Migration Lifecycle Overview



End User Driven Migration

Enabling users with option to migrate content themselves! Our applications give user complete capability to restructure, rationalize and reuse data on their will.

Migration efficiency

Minimum downtime costs and disruption of live repositories during migration

Data Disposition

Segregates data into buckets based on specified rules enabling enterprise to get rid of legacy unused data while ensuring full control on migration and final selection of content

Multiple Cloud Storage

Migration is logic enabled for FileShare, ODFB , Box, DropBox, Google Drive and SPO. Cloud Migration is possible for all destinations simultaneously.

Minimal Human Dependency

Entire Migration is tool driven resulting in Minimal Human dependency. Ensuring precise tuning of migration steps.

Key Offerings

MigPress Key Offerings

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