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Fluid workplace solutions for Retail

The retail landscape has been gradually becoming more customer-focused and competitive. In today’s changing world, shoppers prioritize on exceptional customer experience, pushing retailers to deliver the promise of a personalized and seamless shopping journey across all channels.

The widespread proliferation of connected devices, rising prominence of the online commerce industry, and the power of emerging technologies have accelerated the retail business transformation, streamlining the in-store experience, omni-channel commerce, supply chain management, and other day-to-day operations. In short, redefining the retail industry.

To keep pace with the heightened consumer expectations, now the retailers must make key investments in the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), AR & VR, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud to create rich and customer-first experiences across all touchpoints to reinvent the retail outlook.

HCLTech WISE Retail is an industry-focused solution that helps retailers reimagine and optimize their business operations and to deliver an omni-channel experience to the customers. It enables the enterprises to address specific business challenges and help retailers achieve enhanced workforce productivity, business outcome, superior customer experience, greater workforce satisfaction, and retention.

Fluid workplace solutions for Retail
Solution Features

Enhanced buying experience

Positive user experience derived through intelligent insights from customers buying patterns, loyalty information, seasonal preferences, etc

Cross generational workplace

A digital workplace enabling collaboration amongst Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z

Proactively managed digital estate

Intelligent insights for managing the digital systems ensuring pre-emptive maintenance and seamless resolution

Optimized real estate

Optimum utilization of the store real estate for providing walk-in and online customers and ensuring a consistent end user experience using computer vision camera and analytics.

Smart stores

Customers have the freedom to explore and purchase items on their own with the smart kiosk and digital signage. It reduces the number of menial activities for frontline workers.

Omni-channel retail

Building seamless integration between online and offline sales channels.

Tailored field services

Ensuring tailored solutions for field engineers to ensure swift resolution of issues with mission critical systems.

Solutions Framework

The HCLTech WISE Retail empowers retailers through a four-phase approach and enables them to gain analytics-driven insights for retail digital transformation to increase efficiency, develop new business models, and create a multi-channel customer experience.



Design thinking-led approach defines the business outcomes, transformation strategy and roadmap



Create a definitive re-invention blueprint and associated technology landscape to support the vision



Design and implementation services for retail digital transformation and onboarding



Services comprising HCLTech IPs deliver an intelligent operation framework

HCLTech Advantage

Built-to-suit retail business transformation strategy

Business-aligned retail consulting framework to help customers design their digital transformation strategy.

Access to leading retail technologies

Key partnerships with leading retail technology vendors to provide end-to-end support for devices, applications and platforms in both CapEx and OpEx capacity

Retail specific workplace solutions

A rich portfolio of digital workplace Ips designed for the retail organization

Business run-time optimization

Improve run-time by leveraging smart consolidated operations and intelligent insights

Speed to market

Enhanced go-to-market with swift onboarding timelines

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