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Efficiency Redefined: Banking Process Evolution

Increasing demand for digital experiences among customers and heightened competition from fintech and tech-savvy enterprises are compelling banks to overhaul their core platforms and services by infusing their offerings with modern technologies like Intelligent AI, Automation, Data Analytics and Generative AI.

HCLTech’s Banking Operations Practice bridges the gap between customer expectations and enterprise offerings to foster sustainable growth by swiftly executing lasting transformations powered by our deep domain expertise.

Efficiency Redefined: Banking Process Evolution

Revamping banking dynamics: Our Offerings

Revolutionize your banking framework with our tailored process transformation solutions, optimizing efficiency, compliance, and innovation for a competitive edge in the digital landscape

Operating Model Optimization

Through consolidation of vendors, locations and standardization across similar functions performed in different geographies

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Transforming repetitive tasks by leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for increased efficiency


A Business Process Suite provides a platform for business stakeholders to drive enterprise-wide Digital Transformation and optimize processes via auto Work Distribution, Prioritization, Exception and approval Management, Audit Trails, Compliance, SLAs Management, driving efficiencies

Lean and Six Sigma

Lean and Six Sigma methodologies in banking operations streamline processes, reduce waste and defects, and enhance overall customer satisfaction. By eliminating inefficiencies and maintaining high-quality standards, banks can improve productivity and deliver exceptional financial services to their clients


Retail Banking

Our end-to-end retail banking services encompass savings and deposit products supported across multiple geos through a network of mailrooms, contact centers and back – offices

Credit Cards

Our Credit Cards Services practice provides end-to-end services across originations, card issuance, customer services, settlements and reconciliations for banks, financial services firms, and card technology firms

Consumer Lending

Our extensive experience across Consumer Lending Originations and Servicing functions ranges from processing and verification services to complex underwriting work and from collections to bankruptcy and foreclosure management

Know your Customer (KYC)

Our KYC practice combines the capabilities of trained and experienced KYC resources with advanced AI technologies to effectively mitigate operational risk while simultaneously improving both productivity and quality

Financial Crime Prevention (FCP)

Our Financial Crime Prevention (FCP) practice —comprised of certified experts who leverage deep knowledge domain expertise and experience in the end-to-end processes they support —provides HCLTech customers with 24x7 global coverage and protection.

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