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In today's data-rich landscape, businesses grapple with vast amounts of unstructured data locked within documents, hindering efficient decision-making and operational agility.

At HCLTech, we address this challenge by leveraging EXACTO™, our AI-driven Intelligent document processing product. EXACTO™ harnesses the latest innovations in AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision techniques to streamline workflows, ensure accuracy and facilitate rapid data-driven decisions.


Elevating enterprise performance with tailored solutions

At HCLTech, we empower enterprises to embrace the digital future, drive customer satisfaction and stay ahead of the competition with our comprehensive services for retail operations.


Revolutionize productivity and elevate customer service with our automated cheque-processing solution, EXACTO| Cheque. This innovative system enhances, controls, mitigates risks and ensures compliance while enabling advanced services.

EXACTO Contract

EXACTO | Contract comprehends contracts for semantic search, retrieval of deliverables, obligations, key dates, and more

EXACTO Invoice

EXACTO | Invoice automates data entry, validation, and swift approval routing, ensuring round-the-clock processing to accelerate your Accounts Payable cycle


EXACTO | KYC employs intelligent web crawlers that can scrape tons of data from secondary accessible websites in no time.


Swiftly triaging medical equipment based on prescriptions is critical, yet the use of printed or handwritten prescriptions, scanned during transfer for order intake, hinders automation. EXACTO | Rx specializes in processing these scanned prescriptions, expediting the order intake process to ensure rapid triage of vital life-saving medical devices.


EXACTO | Trade adeptly processes faxed trades in Capital Markets with over 99% accuracy

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