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Redefining operations for a healthier future

In the face of a rapidly evolving healthcare environment, the need for transformation has become paramount.

At HCLTech, we offer a proven approach and an exceptional pool of expertise to healthcare organizations for accelerating progress, thriving amidst the change, and enabling exceptional care delivery to patients.

Redefining operations for a healthier future

Harnessing innovation to drive patient centricity

Our flexible solutions allow for quick and valuable insights and optimization, helping identify improvement areas and enable transformational patient care

CPaaS (Credentialing-As-A-Service)

Our dynamic solution eliminates errors and increases accuracy for credentialing providers on different health plan panels

Robotic Process Automation

Transforming repetitive tasks by leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for increased efficiency

Guided Response System

Our Toscana© Guided Response tool enables a new level of control in defining and managing customer interactions

Denial Management Processing

We engage in the end-to-end cycle to identify, manage, monitor, and prevent any monetary damage to your organization

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Suite

Our healthcare revenue cycle process encompasses everything from determining patient eligibility and collecting their co-pay to coding claims


Pioneer the future of healthcare services

With a proven holistic approach and unparalleled expertise, we help our clients achieve exceptional results by navigating the complex healthcare industry and providing robust services that enhance their competitive edge.

Payers and PBM

Our beyond-benefit approach and member-focused operational models position us as Leaders in the healthcare business

Provider and Intermediary

Our proven methodology of the Integrated Global Delivery model with provider-focused technology and tools results in enhanced patient care with improved provider relationships

Healthcare Consulting

Transforming Customer Experience in Healthcare is our fundamental consulting proposition that emphasizes innovation and continuous approach strategy through consumer experience Maturity Assessment, Next Gen portal and digital adoption improvement

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