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Nearly 80% of Marketers Say Their Industry Changed More in the Past 3 Years than in the Previous 50*

The exponential increase in smartphones and tablet users and improved access to wireless internet have reshaped how we communicate and do business. Rapid globalization has created new opportunities for multinational firms in emerging markets. Scale, efficiency and higher return on investment are critical for riding the growing digital tide.

*Marketing Strategy and Trends Report 2023 by HubSpot

Changing customer behavior and medium preferences

Changing customer behavior and medium preferences

Bridging technology and skill gaps

Bridging technology and skill gaps

Tapping into omnichannel opportunities

Tapping into omnichannel opportunities

Adapting to rapid globalization

Adapting to rapid globalization

Making sense of big data and IoT

Making sense of big data and IoT

Meeting data security, regulatory and compliance needs

Meeting data security, regulatory and compliance needs

We Help You Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy and Ride the Digital Tide

In the face of ongoing challenges and advancements, many enterprises are reassessing their marketing and content strategy to forge new supplier partnerships, drive resource utilization, implement an efficient MarTech stack and run cost-effective operations.

HCLTech recommends an integrated platform and people operations strategy to help firms achieve business outcomes. Our engineering “gene” provides the best platform, people and marketing operational framework to give our clients a competitive advantage.

We provide variety of resources, including state-of-the-art martech solutions via IPs or third-party SaaS partners, with extensive experience in omnichannel marketing, advertising and content management platforms.

We leverage a regional hub-and-spoke model and our extensive experience in 30+ languages around the world to assist Fortune 500 and multinational corporations.

We exceed our service levels and improve business key parameter indicators with robust transition, operations and quality management frameworks.

Our Services

Our hub-and-spoke delivery model, innovative martech solutions and focus on end-to-end marketing solutions provide our clients with a long-term competitive advantage. We provide marketing and digital content services by combining the strength of our markops expertise with the engineering DNA of our company, resulting in a tangible and meaningful customer connection.

We help clients streamline their creative production process while ensuring compliance and consistency. Our expertise in creative production includes localization, e-newsletter production, landing page creation, digital banners and video production.

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Content management

We help today's publishers and marketers disseminate accurate, relevant and timely information. Our content services include managing content taxonomy, curating and publishing digital assets, managing product information for e-commerce stores and moderating news posts and user comments on online communities.

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Digital marketing

We partner with our clients to help them maintain a competitive edge and keep up with the latest technology in an ever-changing consumer behavior and digital marketing landscape. We deliver digital marketing services by combining the power of our creative experience, data and platform capabilities to drive tangible and meaningful customer connections across email, search, social, events and websites.

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Ad operations at scale

The workload on ad operations and campaign management teams has grown exponentially with the increasing adoption of digital content. Our scalable services assist clients in executing complex multichannel campaigns with incredible speed and accuracy. These services include copy chasing, ad trafficking, audience segmentation, campaign analytics and optimization, programmatic ad-ops, platform operations and support.

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Sales enablement

Sales enablement plays a vital role in establishing the accessibility of products and services and how customers interact with them. Our comprehensive solution includes everything from contract management to virtual sales assistance. We also manage channel partner communication, provide visibility of sales performance data and establish processes to run sales operations effectively.

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Our Differentiators

Think Global. Adapt Local.

Our niche services assist clients in scaling their businesses by supercharging their global outreach efforts. We bridge cultural divides by internationalizing your content and connecting with local audiences. Our quality assurance framework ensures precision and accuracy at every step, while our integrated IT and business operations service streamlines your processes for maximum cost efficiency.



We assist our clients in customizing their content and marketing efforts to meet the needs of new market segments and appeal to the local audience. Our adept analyst and production resources are placed in strategic delivery centers worldwide to meet your internationalization and adaptation needs.


Quality assurance services

Content synthesizing engines like scaled data labeling and content moderation leveraging machine learning, computer vision algorithms and natural language processing require independent third-party vendor quality assurance. We have crafted a quality management framework to help hyper-scalers consistently deliver the highest quality of content.


Integrated IT and business operations

We are experts in integrating IT and business operations and restructuring across multiple geographies to ensure optimal labor and production costs. We frequently assist our clients with over 40% cost efficiency through consolidation, shared support functions and managed services operations.

Success Stories

From Impact to Innovation.
Experience Our Cross-industry Services

Our marketing and content services span across industries, bringing innovative solutions to help businesses grow and connect with their audiences. From strategy to execution, we help our clients navigate the complex marketing landscape and drive growth.

Platform and Partner Ecosystem

The plethora of our inhouse platforms and collaborative ecosystem with MarTech leaders allow us to provide best-in-class marketing and digital content solutions, enabling our customers with a reduced total cost of ownership, faster time to market and a library of reusable components for quicker implementation.

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Scale Your Marketing Efforts, Amplify Your Impact
Scale Your Marketing Efforts, Amplify Your Impact1

Scale Your Marketing Efforts, Amplify Your Impact

Leverage our technology and expertise for your marketing success today.

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