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Elevate the retail game with customized outcomes

The advent of cutting-edge digital tools and technologies such as AI, data analytics, automation and Generative AI has reshaped the landscape of retail operations.

Our capabilities provide the expertise to streamline retail process operations and unlock new growth opportunities. We enable retailers and enterprises to deliver hyper-personalized experiences, optimize inventory management, improve supply chain efficiency, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior to support desired business outcomes.

Elevate the retail game with customized outcomes

Streamline, innovate, thrive: Revolutionizing your retail operations

At HCLTech, we empower enterprises to embrace the digital future, drive customer satisfaction and stay ahead of the competition with our comprehensive services for retail operations

Supply Chain Services

Optimized and streamlined supply chain functions via logistics management, sourcing, order management, warehouse management, and SCM visibility & tracking.

Store Operations

Agile and lean ecosystems via effective merchandise management, workforce management, POS management, and price and promotion management.

Customer Support

Customer service excellence via customer interface management, database management, customer loyalty management and multi-channel customer services.

Marketing and Sales

Top-notch marketing and sales via online catalog creation & data management, contract management, call center services, e-tailing, and sales administration support.

Finance and Analytics

Enhanced business performance and customer experience via credit and collection management, customer analytics, operation analytics and workflow analytics.

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