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EXACTO is developed in collaboration with a leading university in the field of AI and is a result of our continued investments in Research and Development.EXACTO, harnesses the latest innovations in AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision techniques that integrate seamlessly with Robotic Process Automation to create differentiated product.

The Natural Language Processing-based engine allow EXACTO in interpreting, extracting and reading both structured and unstructured text information. This enables handling and identifying any missing, unseen and ill–formed data from the handwritten documents, faxes, electronic documents and images. The product is enabled with domain ontology which gets better with every new transaction and unsupervised learning, resulting in a better processing speed and providing close to 100% accuracy.


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Trade Process Automation for increased STP rates in Capital Markets After a trade is confirmed, the custodian facilitates the comparison of trade between buyer and seller, and then carries out change of ownership and transfer of securities and cash. The input transaction document is in the form of fax for 25% of trades, which prevents STP. EXACTO | Trade can process these faxed trades with over 99% accuracy.


Invoice capture and processing in any format Agility in serving customers and maintaining good relations with vendor partners is the prime need of business. However, paper-based invoices processing can severely increase your Accounts Payable cycle, thus looming dark on valuable business relationships. EXACTO | Invoice can automate data entry and validation of invoices and quickly route them for approval. Working 24/7 to speed up the Accounts Payable cycle.


Automated KYC for companies through web sources such as stock exchange websites, company web portals etc. KYC is an unending process where any amount of data is not complete. The evidentiary sources are wide which makes gathering and keying KYC information into a workflow and then assessing the risk in time extremely challenging. EXACTO | KYC employs intelligent web crawlers which can scrape tons of data from secondary accessible websites in no time. The semantic analysis using NLP is done to enrich the evidentiary workflow and thus not only impact the TAT, but also reduce chances of oversight or negligence due to manual fatigue


Automate handling of medical prescriptions both with Payers & Providers in Healthcare The triage of medical equipment on the basis of prescriptions is highly time-sensitive, as these equipment are life-saving devices for the patients. But, the prescriptions are either printed or handwritten, and they are scanned while transferring for the order intake. These scanned prescriptions prevent automation. EXACTO | Rx can process these scanned prescriptions and speed up the order intake process for faster triage of life-saving medical devices.


Automated cheque processing solution to improve productivity and allow for advanced customer services Traditional technology has been in place for some time to read the details in the MICR line of a check. Newer technologies have evolved which have been deployed in some countries to enable the extraction of additional information like CAR (Courtesy Amount Recognition), and LAR (Legal Amount Recognition). However, for other fields like payee recognition, payor details , signature verification and additional data elements, processes continue to be manual, and time-consuming - limiting the ability of banks to oer services to clients keeping in mind both the evolving regulatory and customer needs. In addition, banks often need to limit their controls on a risk-based approach to meet the turnaround time for check clearing. EXACTO | Cheque can assist in both improving controls, reducing risks, meet compliance requirements, and provide additional services by automating the extraction of information that is not otherwise possible today.


Automated contract management to maximize performance of contract Contract management across industries specifically vendor contracts in manufacturing of policy agreements, services agreements, loan agreements, purchase orders etc. are all printed, signed, and then scanned for future reference. However, referencing these documents always require manual eort. Exacto | Contract can read and understand the contracts to facilitate semantic search and retrieval of contract deliverables, obligations, important dates, etc. While at it, EXACTO | Contract also helps build your contract database for running analytical research, tracking version changes, etc. and increasing the transparency throughout the contract management value chain.


Enhanced accuracy using Machine Learning
aht reduction
Reduction in AHT for contract processing
clear tracking
Enables clear tracking and audit trails due to digitization
ic evaluation
Continuous automated evaluation & optimization of extraction solution
enable search
Enables search and retrieval for paper based contracts
adequate tracking
Adequate tracking of renewal dates, SLAs, milestones, obligations etc.
risk migration
Risk Mitigation due to increased accountability
auto capture
Auto-capture of data without configuring each template of input

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