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Why Career Shaper Platform?
Accelerated Talent Transformation Services Driven By Our Industry Lineage
Why Career Shaper With Us?

Our proprietary platform, Career Shaper, is built for hybrid and orchestrated learning. The architecture is campus-driven with an elastic cloud for the enterprises changing needs. The modules can be used as plug-and-play with any existing platforms of the enterprises.

We offer Multi-tenant, SaaS, and On-prem options. Our analytics are aligned to the business needs for measurable results. Learners will use power-dashboards displaying actionable progress and completion milestones.

Enterprises - Talent Transformation
Refresh Talent
Refresh Talent

A launchpad for IT and Tech freshers. A comprehensive suite of Hiring Assessments, Job Qualifiers and Learning Programs.

Repurpose Talent
Repurpose Talent

Job based competency assessments and skilling for talent mobility. Enterprise-wide learning & assessments as managed services. Coaching and Tech mentoring services.

Rebalance Workforce
Rebalance Workforce

Enable Skill Portability: Non-tech employees embrace IT and Digital Technology positions. Enable Inclusivity: Alternate Talent, Gender Diversity, Second Careers & Neuro-Diversity.

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