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HCLTech EdTech understands the complex and fast-moving world of technology and its imprints on almost every aspect of modern civilization. The world is experiencing a wave of hyper-digitalization resulting in an unprecedented demand for Job-ready IT professionals. This industry invokes an appetite for both veteran professionals and ambitious youngsters.

IT companies are also beginning to look inwards for new talent. They want to promote lateral moves with the confidence that some of their non-tech workforce can be adapted, upgraded, and advanced. This approach boosts retention, improves cost efficiencies and helps companies meet business demand and effectively manage customer deliverables.

IT modernization also needs to be inclusive. Companies respect their ESG commitments and want to meet them in both letter and spirit. Embracing diversity equals access to an alternate talent pool that can be formidable in this dynamic marketplace.

When companies seek to address these issues, they often falter in a multi-vendor environment. Absence of actionable learning systems make matters worse.

Our legacy, built over 45 years of IT & Tech leadership, has helped us develop and curate industry-leading, workplace-ready job-based content, practice, pedagogy, and assessments.

We are here to address an enterprise’s every need, while it is on its journey to the summit!

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  • Custom-fit solutions for your Learning & Assessments.
  • Assess your current Workforce's Job Competencies.
  • Realign & Repurpose your Talent through our Managed Learning Services.
  • Meet your ESG goals.
  • Modernize your existing Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Show ROI for your Learning & Development (L&D) Investments.
Service Delivery Framework
Service Delivery Framework
Customer Interface
Customer Interface
  • Security
  • Access Controls
  • Learning
  • Configuration
  • LMS Instance with Cloud Space
Enterprise Engagement
  • Learning circles
  • Enterprise interaction
  • Expert Series
  • Competitions
  • Other creative programs on need basis
Customer Interface
HCLTech EdTech’s Talent Transformation
& Advisory Services
Job Readiness | Competency Assessments | Related Advisory Services
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Learner Transformation Pathway
Job Ready
  • Competency Shift Raters
  • Job Readiness Scores
  • Skill Mesh Position
Capstone - Tech meets Domain
  • Refresh Concepts
  • Understand Domain
  • Professional Skills
  • Squad Work & Peer Learning
Practice - Labs/Workware
  • Coding Labs
  • Workware for Cloud & Cybersecurity
  • Industry Practitioner Connect
  • Squad Based Learning
Course Work
  • Self-paced learning with knowledge know how kits
  • Instructor-orchestrated sessions for learning assimilation, On-demand coach
  • Do I know now (Concept Refresher)
Assessment Packs
  • Job Description
  • Competency Rater
  • Competency Baselining
  • Entry & Exit Criteria
HCLTech EdTech Services
  • Your Partner for Agile Talent Transformation – Assessments, Skilling, Labs.
  • You set the competency standards, we deliver effectively.
  • We offer, both, SERVICE BASED, and SUBSCRIPTION BASED solutions.
  • Hybrid Learning, aligned with Enterprise Career Pathways, orchestrated by tech mentors and coaches.
  • Our sessions are 60% self-paced and 40% instructor led. Coaches are also made available on demand.
  • Rooted in an outcome-oriented, measurable approach.
HCLTech EdTech Services
Success Stories
Accelerating Talent Transformation
Accelerating Talent Transformation

New Vistas is HCLTech’s strategic business delivery centers set up in emerging markets and talent hubs. Since the inception of this program in 2016, we have established 6 locations (4 in India, and 2 in Asia) with more than 22,000+ tech employees servicing IT solutions to our global customers. While it may appear as yet another practice, the key differentiator, opportunity as well as the challenge in this program was to build the New Vistas centers only with local talent. HCLTech Edtech Platform and the team, associated with preparing the entry level workforce as well as enabling the experienced talent to embrace digital and niche Tech skills , were the force behind this accelerated growth.

Competency Based Job Skilling
Competency Based Job Skilling

TechBee program for High school grads is a path breaking initiative. Our learning Pedagogy is founded on the principles that this cohort has very little to unlearn to learn, and hence ready to be skilled for the jobs . They have taken the unconventional path of early careers and eager to take risks and innovate. Some of the best solutions in the digital and engineering domains for customers have emerged from these top candidates, and they continue to be ahead of their peers in global hackathon.

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