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When your career is just beginning, you are likely to look for certain things: opportunities with the world’s biggest and best brands and collaborating with an international, diverse and inclusive team. But most of all, you want a chance to grow. We get that and we’ve got it here.

Get Ready to Lead
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Explore Your Path

HCLTech opens doors to fresh graduates from computer science backgrounds to start their professional journeys with a global career.

Explore Your Path


  • Full-time job opportunities across technical and non-technical roles
  • Opportunity to work in a global work environment



  • Bachelor’s degree-holders in Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Informatics and Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering, IT & Electronics Engineering or Embedded Systems Engineering from Sri Lankan universities
  • Associated degree-holders (from state or private universities) in Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Technology, Informatics and Computer Science, Information System Design, IT & Electronics, Embedded Systems or Networking
  • Apply with degree transcript



  • Full-time tech career: Get a stable and long-term employment opportunity.
  • Medical benefits: Avail health insurance for self and dependents.
  • Higher education: Pursue higher education from leading partner universities with financial support from HCLTech.


Selection Process

HCLTech is an equal opportunity employer. We select candidates on multiple parameters comprising academic track record, online test scores, interview scores and learnability skills.

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Meet Our People

At HCLTech, we want all our people to find their spark. When one has an idea, all ears are ready to hear it. When one has a project, the whole team is ready to drive it forward. Every voice matters at HCLTech.

Amhar Lareef
Amhar Lareef
Amhar Lareef quote

I have learned a lot more during my training at HCLTech than during three-four years at degree college. Here, I got an opportunity to work on good projects and with good clients, which has increased my technical and professional knowledge. My whole experience has been invaluable.

Amhar Lareef HCLTech Sri Lanka
Tharushi Rodrigo
Tharushi Rodrigo
Tharushi Rodrigo quote

HCLTech gave me the opportunity to work after I joined as an inexperienced undergraduate, while learning technical and communication skills. It helped me stay ahead of the game while providing me with all the opportunities to build my confidence and experience with good exposure.

Tharushi Rodrigo HCLTech Sri Lanka