Start Early. Accelerate.
Start Early. Accelerate.

Get an Early Career Advantage

TechBee — HCL’s Early Career Program — is an exclusive job program for individuals seeking full-time jobs after completing A/Ls. Candidates undergo 12 months of training for entry-level engineering roles. Upon successful completion of training, candidates become full-time HCLTech employees.

Get an Early Career Advantage
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TechBee is designed to give an early-start advantage to students. After five years, you will have four years of professional IT experience with HCLTech and a degree from a prestigious institution.

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  • 12-month duration
  • Job-specific training followed by apprenticeship
  • Monthly allowance during the apprenticeship
  • On-the-job training



  • Completion of Advanced Level Examinations (A/Ls) in 2021 or later with a minimum "S" grade in 3 core subjects
  • A minimum of “S” grade in General English
  • Citizen of Sri Lanka with proof of a valid address
  • A/L Stream should be in maths, science, technology stream



  • Full-time tech career: Start a tech career with a rock solid foundation
  • Opportunity to pursue a global career


Training Program

Candidates undergo 12 months of training for entry-level IT Services and Associate job roles. This is a hybrid training program focusing on overall education and personality grooming of students to make them job-ready.

Duration: Six months

During this training, candidates learn the fundamentals of IT, including programming languages and relevant industry tools, processes and certifications. The amalgamation of technical training, communication and personal grooming lessons ensures that TechBee scholars transform into industry-ready working professionals.

On-the-Job Training

Duration: Six months

The next 3 to 6 months of the program are focused toward on-the-job training, when candidates work on live projects at HCLTech and prepare for their full-time roles. Scholars who complete the TechBee Program join HCLTech as Engineers.

Selection Process

Selection into TechBee is based on merit. Upon clearing our online examination, you will be eligible for interviews. We select candidates on multiple parameters comprising academic track record, online test scores and learnability skills.

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Career Roles

You can start your career with entry-level roles such as Software Engineer, Infrastructure Manager, Analyst, Testing Engineer or Design Engineer at HCLTech Sri Lanka. Upon completing the training, you begin working as a full-time Associate or IT Services Professional with best-in-class industry-benchmarked compensation.

Career Roles

Higher Education Partners

While working full-time at HCLTech Sri Lanka, candidates enroll in work-integrated higher education programs. HCLTech has collaborated with Horizon Campus to offer higher education to TechBees.

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Horizon Campus is a leading private university in Sri Lanka geared to provide an inspiring learning experience to students in a holistic university atmosphere. Annually, more than 1,200 students enroll in study programmes for Sri Lankan, UK, US, and Asian degrees. HCLTech has collaborated with Horizon Campus to offer Graduate programs to TechBee scholars.

At present, below work integrated graduate degree programs are being offered:

  • B.Sc. (Hons) IT from Horizon Campus
  • BIT in Network & Mobile Computing from Horizon Campus
  • Bachelor of IT from University of Moratuwa
  • Bachelor of IT from University of Colombo

The Work Integrated Learning Programs (WILP) are customized and developed specifically with a focus on the technical requirements of HCLTech. Classes for these programs happen at HCLTech/Horizon Campus, and HCLTech partially funds the fees for these programs. An education allowance of LKR 100,000 per year is provided to the students by HCLTech.

Higher Education Partners

Meet Our People

At HCLTech, we want all our people to find their spark. When one has an idea, all ears are ready to hear it. When one has a project, the whole team is ready to drive it forward. Every voice matters at HCLTech.

Shivani Shobna
Shivani Shobna
Shivani Shobna quote

TechBee was a valuable learning experience because it challenged my thinking regarding education and career, about starting early and becoming financially independent. Gaining domain knowledge and practical experience right after education gave me the extra mile of continued learning trajectory — without a break.

Shivani Shobna HCLTech Sri Lanka
Chanushi Ashinshani
Chanushi Ashinshani
Chanushi Ashinshani quote

Joining HCLTech, helped me be ahead of the game and I am so grateful. Working with the world's biggest brands is a dream for all graduates in the IT industry. And I am living that dream.

Chanushi Ashinshani HCLTech Sri Lanka