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HCLTech Cloud Bridge Suite simplifies your transition from the monolith, on-premises platforms to cloud-ready and cloud-native platforms in an accelerated and automated way.

Organizations today realize the need to transform their on-premises, monolith applications workloads to the cloud because of the business agility and customer-centricity provided by cloud transformation.

HCLTech’s Cloud Bridge suite provides a range of options, solutions, and expertise, custom-made to align with your organization’s unique transformation journey to the cloud. Cloud Bridge suite enables enterprises to accelerate innovation which is crucial in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace. Cloud Bridge suite helps fast-track your transformation journey while creating a differentiated user experience.

With many successful deployments of Cloud Bridge in customer engagements across industries and a large team of certified cloud practitioners and developers, HCLTech can help you easily transition to the cloud and reap tangible results.


Intelligent Assessment

Workload assessment
  • Derive intelligent insights to recommend the best, suitable cloud migration approach
  • Automatically assess complexity of hundreds of java monolith workloads to identify risk and dependency.

Monolith Modernization

Modernization of monolith workloads
  • End-to-end modernization approach to accelerate time-to-market and realize more value from the cloud
  • Modernize monolith workloads safely and quickly to microservices-based architecture for cloud-ready deployment

Cloud Native Engineering

Cloud-native engineering
  • Introduce innovation into development with low-code, no-code solutions built on cloud-native principles for on-premise, multi-cloud and serverless environments.

Containerization and Deployment

Containerization and deployment of workloads
  • Automatically containerize workloads to deploy on the cloud
  • Enhance the maintainability and portability of workloads that can be seamlessly deployed and scaled across on-premises, cloud, and edge with great speed, less risk, and optimal cost


Cloud Bridge comprises a suite of independent solution accelerators built on agile, DevOps, low-code, and no-code principles that integrate seamlessly to drive end-to-end cloud transformation.

CB Analyzer
CB Analyzer

It performs multi-dimensional deep analysis of the monolith system to identify functional modules and recommend potential micro-service.
It can provide 50-60% effort reduction in monolith assessment and modernization design.

CB Migrate
CB Migrate

The solution includes cloud/container assessment report with automation to achieve migration quickly.

CB MODular
CB MODular

The solution for containerization automation and vulnerability assessment of workloads through intuitive wizard-based UI.
100% automated flow with a significant reduction in creating docker file and docker image.


It helps in agile-friendly container based micro-services and nano-service development suitable for cloud/edge environment.
Being Low code, this accelerator helps to reduce development effort by 40-50%.

CB iStudio
CB iStudio

This is a comprehensive IaC platform to enable adaptive Infrastructure design and deployment across multi cloud.
It can provide 100% predictable deployment.


Reduce your total cost of ownership

Reduce your total cost of ownership: Our consulting and tool-led approach helps you transition to the cloud in the most efficient and cost-effective way

An automated approach to cloud migration

An automated approach to cloud migration: Automation-led code decomposition, micro/nano service generation through deep analysis to drive value from DevOps

Cloud agnostic and user

Cloud agnostic and user-friendly deployment blueprint and provisioning support to enhance portability

Accelerate your go-to-market

Accelerate your go-to-market: We help you with faster and accelerated workload migration to cloud, leveraging our industrial experience and matured tool sets

Connected Products and Services

Our powerful partner ecosystem offers you incremental value, customer-ready solutions, and accelerated time to market

Enhanced transformation roadmap

Enhanced transformation roadmap: We assess your business requirements and current technology to create an actionable plan quickly and effortlessly

Ecosystem of Partners