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Accelerating Enterprise Cloud Modernization

The digital era calls for accelerating cloud adoption and modernization journey to achieve exponential business growth. HCLTech’s Cloud Engineering services are focused on addressing the challenges and end-to-end needs of enterprises looking to adapt to software and cloud-native technologies. We enable enterprises across sectors to:

  • Revolutionize cloud platform development, deployment and management
  • Fast-track transition to cloud-native and software-controlled solutions

With our in-depth domain knowledge and proven expertise across industry verticals, we are a one-stop partner for a hassle-free cloud modernization journey.

Accelerating Enterprise Cloud Modernization

Accelerating Cloud Transformation with HCLTech Cloud Bridge

Our suite of solutions is tailor-made to help customers at every stage of their cloud transformation journey.


Recommend wave planning while accelerating portfolio assessment by up to 65%


Modernize monolith based on AI led automated assessment for informed transformation that saves efforts up to 30%


Simplify workload containerization and perform container vulnerability assessment with up to 100% automation of workflow.


Low code microservice generator with configurable templates, reduces development cycle time up to 40%


Enable Infrastructure as Code (IaC) automation and workload provisioning for multi-cloud and on-prem with up to 80% reduction in deployment effort.


Cloud cost optimization solution powered by advanced recommendation rule engine with up to 25% cost saving in cloud services spend


A cutting-edge API and functional documentation solution powered by Generative AI and LLM. CodeSense revolutionizes API, functional and call trace documentation, leading to a 40 % effort reduction in gaining monolith insights.


Cloud Engineering Services

Consulting services

Cloud readiness and architecture assessment to provide tailored transformation strategy, defining the cloud-native architecture, application and deployment blueprint, along with DevSecOps maturity assessment and strategy definition.

Transformation services

Cloud migration, microservices-based platform development and legacy modernization, container orchestration, containerization, and security engineering, DevSecOps tooling for CI/CD and Infra as Code (IaC)automation.

Cloud ops management

24*7 monitoring of cloud infrastructure, release management, patch upgrade, SRE based operations, AIOps implementation, along with cloud governance and FinOps.

Customer onboarding

Professional services for cloud adoption and onboarding of stakeholders that include - discovery, change analysis and assessment, infra provisioning, platform development, monitoring and operations enablement.

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