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Never before has an industry experienced such a unique situation of having to prioritize product delivery over new product innovation. The airline industry today, is seeing a rise in demand while airlines are trying to keep their financial books healthy and positive. Finding the right fit by providing a great flying experience with optimal pricing and maximizing the heavy investments in technology is the need of the hour and the core objective of the Aerospace and Defense(A&D) industry. Faced with an increasing order backlog, global A&D manufacturers are looking to effectively improve their production capacity to increase shop floor throughput. Current approaches are inadequate to significantly improve their ability to deliver, necessitating major change. To enable this, the A&D industry is striving for newer approaches to enhance manufacturing-centric operations.

Having pioneered offshore engineering services in this industry more than a decade ago, we have become the largest dedicated aerospace practitioner in India. We are the preferred engineering partner for new aircraft programs across the A&D ecosystem, offering application management services, infrastructure support, testing, and new-product development. In the past decade, we have successfully executed projects in various subdomains and partnered on all major commercial aerospace programs.

Our key differentiators:

  • Over 36 years of domain knowledge in complex engineering with focus on multiple service lines across major industries
  • More than 50 leading aerospace customers and partner to 8 of the top 10 aerospace and defense companies
  • Designated design locations with compliance and audit centers
  • Immense experience garnered from thousands of engineers across engineering applications
  • Billions of dollars in revenue generated for customers globally with more than 2000 A&D projects across multiple aircraft programs



Complete lifecycle support for safety critical on-board and ground systems across aerospace projects.


Electronics Engineering Services

Hardware engineering services, such as board design, design analysis, and platforms for in-flight entertainment.

Mechanical & Structural Engineering Services

Composite lifecycle solutions encompassing industrial design, CAD, CAE, reliability, and documentation.

ATE & Test Engineering Services

Test solution implementation experience and strong process and standards for test equipment design and development



IoT-led manufacturing process efficiencies

PLM-led Agility

Next generation PLM strategies for lower risk and increased agility

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization

Single source partner for integrated design-to-manufacturing delivery



Seamless integration of a complex supply chain

Effective cost management Services

Effective Cost Management Strategies

Overcoming traditional costing approaches to drive supply chain robustness and reduction of recurring costs