BluGenie - Network Softwarization Platform | HCLTech


Universally, customers consume large amounts of data and continuously seek Digital Services which in turn is expanding the scope of 5G technologies, containerization / virtualization of services, cloud, big data, analytics and IoT. Service Providers and Enterprises take 200+ days to introduce new services because of complexities that exist to put together across all layers.

Substantial complexity exists to put together new services using SDN NFV technologies, ranging from multi vendor HW and SW complexity with respect to Infrastructure, Services and Orchestration, Decoupled Solution Design, Proof of Concept, Iterative Customization and Development Cycles, NFV Solution Validation (Functional, Performance, Operational, LCM), Resiliency & Web Scale Testing, Applications and Network Service Rollout Readiness, Agile Delivery (CI/CD/CT) based Field Deployment among others.

HCLTech BluGenie Platform provides IP led Services for Automation of end to end network and service management i.e. Provisioning, Deployment, Upgrade, Healing, and Full LCM. 

Key Features


VNF Onboarding & Life Cycle Automation

Manage VNF lifecycle (develop, deliver, deploy, use, manage and retire), onboard VNFs on target NFVI and complete testing, perform life cycle automation

Orchestrator Integration Services

Creation and validation of network services, handle multi-domain / hybrid network services, adapters for multiple orchestrator integration

Multi Tenant Service Portal

Micro-services based multi tenant service portal, TMForum / MEF API northbound for OSS / BSS integration, workflow management

Network AI Analytics

Caters to both design & run-time analytics use cases, cognitive troubleshooting, experiential AI analytics components for autonomic network management